logo carpineto grandi vini di toscana bianco

For us, Wine is PASSION, EMOTION,
NATURE, CULTURE and Sustainability


Deep in the heart of GREAT TUSCAN WINE AREA there are 5 Wineries

so immersed in green that they follow the rhythms given by vineyards

Carpineto’s carbon footprint is impressively positive.

Our woods, our olive groves and our vineyards absorb 26% more carbon than the emissions from our production processes (study based on the year 2017).

Our Products tell the story of OUR LAND

And the main characters of this story are SCIENCE and TRADITION

Carpineto tells its story, one of personality, international events, Great Wines and company news.

The webzine to learn “everything trendy about wine” with recipes, pairings, tips and plenty more.

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