A Summer Among Bubbles

There are some love matches that are truly impossible to break and as Luigi Veronelli has said, there is the one between wine and cheese; and there is the one between summer and bubbles. A glass of fresh sparkling wine, under the umbrella or at dinner with friends, is always a good thing. This mix of aromas and flavors is one that only quality bubbles can give. At Carpineto we know it well, considering the fact that we were the first to make sparkling wines in the Chianti Classico area since 1982.

We propose bubbles for the summer – starting with Farnito Brut, one of our flagship sparkling wines. It is fresh, elegant and refined, and the Farnito Brut also boasts a very fine and persistent perlage, aromas of bread crust, fresh fruit as well as crisp and floral scents that are accompanied by an agile and snappy sip that reveals its solid structure. This is a sparkling wine to sip throughout your meal, from aperitifs to main courses, versatile and balanced at the same time.

And now for our Spumante Brut – a wine with a very light foam and straw yellow color, this is the perfect bubble for any occasion. It is light, composite, elegant, fruity, and able to satisfy every palate during a hot summer day. The full and balanced flavor of our Spumante Brut makes for a delicious pre-dinner wine that pairs perfectly with cheese platters or fish-based dishes.

Along the same line, we have our Brut Rosè – a cuvée that we could define as a limited edition, produced in just a few thousand bottles. It is a fresh, fragrant and harmonious wine, capable of releasing all the elegance of its terroir of origin in the hills of Montepulciano. The scents are reminiscent of summer flowers, with hints of rose and vine flower. This is the perfect sparkling wine for those who want to combine pleasure and elegance.

And last but not least is our Spumante Dolce – a soft and light wine with a very delicate perlage. This is a wine that is balanced and elegant and never cloying or “sugary”. The aroma of Moscato discreetly stimulates the sense of smell, anticipating a full, pleasant and agile sip, where all the aromatic vivacity of the grapes of origin stands out. It is a versatile sparkling wine with which can company and enhance any meal from ice cream to fruit salad.