An all-Tuscan lunch for Easter Sunday

We are now in the midst of April. Days are drawing out, the spring warmth invites us on the first out-of-town outings, aided by the Bank Holidays that we are about to experience and share. Easter marks the moment when Nature is reborn, and with it – needless to say – the whole production process related to vines and the wine. This is why we would like to celebrate this day in a very special way: with a lunch that will rekindle tastes, aromas and traditions of our Tuscany.

Starter: liver croutons and Dogajolo Rosso

A simple, balanced and tasty appetizer. It is capable of expressing the whole rural tradition that Tuscany has carried with it for centuries with very few ingredients. The pâté is made with chicken liver, prepared with a classic blend of celery, onion and carrot in extra virgin olive oil cooked and simmered with half a glass of wine. The taste is surprisingly balanced and delicate, a blend of the sweetish taste of the liver and the richness of the condiments. As regards the wine pairing, because of this delicate balance, we recommend a glass of full bodied and good acidity red wine. We propose Carpineto Dogajolo Rosso, with crunchy red fruit aroma and a strongly balanced taste and aroma. A “small”, great wine that will surprise you.

Pasta dish: pappardelle ribbon pasta with wild boar ragout

Wild game is undoubtedly one of the identifying features of Tuscan cuisine. On any respectable traditional table you can find hare, duck, wild boar (to mention but a few). Wild boar is the star of the pasta dish that we recommend: pappardelle with wild boar (precisely) ragout. A solid and structured, succulent and tasty dish, which is enhanced with wines of a similar body and structure.

From our perspective, we recommend one of our top wines: Carpineto Nobile di Montepulciano Riserva. Scale and elegance are released in the glass, letting your nostrils and palate fill with the aroma of wild berry jam, spices and other pronounced delicate flavours ranging from vanilla to cocoa. A truly extraordinary glass that will accompany you in coping with the great succulence of the recipe.

Main Easter dish: lamb buglione

A trip to the Maremma seaside. You will be saying: what? An enchanting seaside place, offering meat-based dishes? Well, yes. The Maremma expresses a very strong tradition as regards game and land-based dishes, including the classic lamb buglione. A tomato stew rich in flavour and extremely dense, the result of slow cooking, aromatised with pepper and rosemary and simmered with half a glass of red wine.

Wine pairing? With another of our flagship products: Carpineto Brunello di Montalcino. A wine that has no real need for presentations, indeed its name goes before it. Full and velvety to the palate, elegant and refined to the nose, it blends perfectly with the structured characteristics of the recipe and its dense aromatics.

Easter Monday bonus track: Pasimata and Vinsanto del Chianti

And for the day after? Because Easter lunch is one thing, but we still have Easter Monday to cater for. And so here we are with a cake from the Tuscan tradition to accompany you on your day out. The Pasimata. A leavened cake aromatised with aniseed and orange peel. The most ancient version of which (coming from the area of Garfagnana) entails the addition of eggs and raisins. Then again, eggs are also one of the symbols of Easter. Basically we are talking about a sweet bread that is eaten from the period of Lent and is traditionally blessed in the Church on Holy Saturday.

As pairing, we propose a grand classic of the local region and from our wine cellar: Carpineto Vinsanto del Chianti. It is an example of a very fine wine, with a bouquet of infinite aromas ranging from apricot to dried fruit, by way of honey and peach, it is the perfect companion to our Pasimata.

A journey through the Easter traditions that terminates in full respect of Tuscan wine and food identity.