Brunello di Montalcino 2015 Carpineto Receives 95-Point Rating from Wine Spectator

Silky and elegant, revealing cherry, plum, tobacco, earth and iron flavors. The vibrant structure keeps this red pulsing through the long, mineral-infused finish. Shows fine balance and complexity”. These words fill us with pride, and even moreso as they come from leaders in the international wine rating industryWine Spectator – writing about our Brunello di Montalcino DOCG 2015 Carpineto, which received a 95-point rating in this USA publication.

This is an exceptional score, and is the fruit of years of dedication always aimed at obtaining the best our land and vineyards. This is a small, but great success that makes us proud as a company, as ambassadors of Sangiovese in the world and as Italians. Brunello di Montalcino is, in fact, one of the wines which represents Italy and its growing appreciation throughout the world.

Our Montalcino estate is the last, in terms of time, to have joined the large family of Carpineto. It is an ancient stone farmhouse embellished with 53 hectares of land, 10 of which are planted with vineyards, surrounded by olive trees and thick Mediterranean scrub forest, with a unique view towards the landscape of the medieval town.

The estate is located 500 meters above sea level and is one of the highest settlements of the whole Denomination. The land faces north and its exposure gives an ideal microclimate for the Sangiovese grosso. It is well ventilated and thanks to the woods surrounding the vineyards, it is also protected from humidity and warm winds coming from the coastal areas of the Maremma.

One more reason for the success of these wines is the composition of the soil. Stony and sedimentary in nature, the soil gives a minerality that the Wine Spectator itself emphasizes among its ranking criteria. In the wine glass, our Brunello awakens in all its elegance. It is characterized by deep and complex hints of berries, cherries, Mediterranean spices, and a vibrance of fruit which is ever present even after years of aging. With every sip, the smooth and thin tannins, perfectly balance with the mineral aromas. Persistence and finesse are the words that best frame this great wine.

This wine is supported by an imposing structure, great body and excellent longevity. Not surprisingly, Wine Spectator notes how our Brunello 2015 best expresses its characteristics between 2023 and 2042. Though it can be said that even as a young wine, our Brunello knows how to express its elegance all the same. The slight exposure to the north and the geographical location of the vineyards, of which were previously mentioned, favors a maturation of grapes adept more towards elegance than “muscularity”.

What does it mean? That wine, being a living matter, in its youth tends to be a little rougher and more aggressive for example in terms of tannins. It is often all too astringent in the earlier evolutionary stages. On the contrary, our Brunello knows how to be appreciated, for its elegance, even in its initial years post-bottling. This means that our Brunello can be appreciated in both taste-olfactory terms at any moment in the next twenty years.

Our wish in all of this is that this success could be a hope for all of Italy, even in difficult moments such as those being endured in this first part of 2020. This is a hope for everyone, with no exception, so that everyone can return to fully enjoy the pleasures and beauty that this unique land can offer.