Wine doing its part in doing good: Carpineto and sustainability

Some of our founding values include sustainability and respect for the environment – producing quality wine all the while protecting nature and land.

December 5 is International Soil Day, an important day to remind us how important Mother Earth is and bringing awareness to the actions that are urgently needed to protect it. At Carpineto, we implement small and large measures every day to contribute to sustainable wine making.

Our five wine estates are proper ecosystems in and of themselves, small oases where various species of animals such as pheasants, ducks, hares and roe deer live undisturbed among lakes, beech and oak woods.

But our contribution doesn’t stop here. Our vineyards are cultivated according to sustainable standards, following the principles of precision agriculture. We use instrumentation technology aimed at carrying out agronomic interventions that take into account the actual cultivation needs and characteristics of the soil, biochemical and physical. We grow herbs and legumes that help us increase biomass in order to promote healthy biodiversity including insects. We produce and use renewable energy thanks to a system of photovoltaic panels of over 150 kW.

Our focus on sustainability is also reflected in our wines, produced without the use of additives or oenological additions of animal origin, making them vegan and cruelty free. In addition, we have reduced the glass used to make our wine bottles by 20% by changing our packaging.

However, the result we are proudest of…? In 2017, thanks to an analysis done to our woods, we verified that our olive groves and our vineyards absorb 26% more carbon than what is emitted into the atmosphere by our processes.  This is a milestone goal reached which fully represents our values – to leave the world in better shape than how we found it.

If you want to know more about what we do for the environment, you can visit the dedicated page on the site or watch our sustainability video.