Carpineto’s Eco-Sustainability

“Eco-sustainability means leaving both a company and the planet we live on even better than how we found them for the next generation to come”. These are the words of Antonio Michael Zaccheo, introducing Carpineto’s mission to reduce the environmental impact through the rationalization of production processes, the containment of energy consumption and the use of alternative renewable sources.

He continues to say, “The environmental sustainability of Carpineto is practiced across the 500 hectares of land, 200 of which are woodland. The cultivation of sustainable, high-precision farming with the latest in generation technology, the protection of biodiversity and elimination of additives and ecological adjuvants of animal origin. Even the use of bisulfite is much lower than the legal minimum and all our procedures are certified according to the standards of IFS and ISO 9001.”

Paying careful attention to the environment is an asset to Carpineto’s success which continues to be prodigiously positive for its carbon footprint. The woods, vineyards and natural fauna absorb 26% more than the CO2 generated in the company: “We are proud of this result. Our goal is to improve it even further. Our company invests in the future, in people and in agriculture “.

The environmental sustainability of Carpineto is also seen in the reduction of the quantity of material used in making wine bottles. “We must place the wine in the bottle, an activity that obviously consumes a lot of energy. But we work every day to reduce the weight of the bottle. If the Riserva bottle has gone from 600 to 500 grams, the Dogajolo and Chianti wines have gone from 420 grams to 360 grams. Improvements of 18, 20 and 22 percent aid in balancing CO2 emissions”.

The sustainable efforts of Carpineto don’t stop there, they are innumerable. “We have installed a system of photovoltaic panels of over 150 kw to take advantage of renewable solar energy” – states Antonio Michael Zaccheo underlining the company’s constant commitment to CO2 emission reduction.

Carpineto’s code of eco-sustainability mirrors that of wine, respecting the fundamental elements of nature, respect, culture and passion.