Caterina Sacchet: Let’s get to know Carpineto’s winemaker

Here is a short interview to get to know Caterina Sacchet, Carpineto’s very own winemaker who runs the family business.

Your father, Giancarlo Sacchet, has brought Carpineto wines to extraordinary levels. What values ​​has he transmitted to you and how has your approach evolved?

I was born and raised in the hills of Chianti Classico, surrounded by vineyards. I have always been at his side learning, since I was a child. He has passed onto me the values ​​of winemaking traditions in a very natural way. They are now embedded in my DNA. I could never imagine a life outside of this context, which has always been my main passion. My approach is the same as my father’s – commitment and constant search for excellence.

How important is the culture of the territory when it comes to the production of wine?

I would say it is a fundamental value. Local culture means feeling particular emotions related to it, sharing customs, trying traditional recipes and from a technical point of view, it means knowing the technical aspects of growing vines and choosing the clone that is able to bring out the best qualities… The combination of all these factors together leads to the birth of products closely linked to the territory of origin, in this case Tuscany.
Our goal is to produce high quality wines that have organoleptic characteristics that reflect the territory and become characteristic over time. Therefore, respect for tradition has always been one of our values. It is a bit difficult to describe in words, but it is very easy to understand when you taste our wines.

You are the only company to produce Nobile di Montepulciano exclusively in its Riserva version. Why did you decide to do this? And what is the reason for its continuous success in recent years?

Vino Nobile di Montepulciano is one of the most famous wines in the world and boasts a long history. In 1600, the great poet Francesco Redi defined Vino Nobile as “the King of every wine” in his work “Bacchus in Tuscany”. This is a clear indication of the importance of this wine, which is characterized by a noble elegance, intended for long aging. Our philosophy has always been to produce high quality wines, of a certain structure which are palatable, and which maintain their intrinsic characteristics during long aging. This is why we created the Nobile Riserva. Its success in recent years, as evidenced by prestigious international awards and achievements, is proof that we are on the right track and this gives us great satisfaction.

What do you do, as a winemaker, to keep improving yourself?

I still consider myself very young and so I continue filling my suitcase with knowledge and thousands of experiences along this journey. I follow the great teachings that my father has transmitted to me. I consider them pillars of my future path, and at the same time I am trying to personalize them for myself. Future outcomes will also help bring out my style, but at the moment I have to be good at carving it out myself and making it known to others. A winemaker is a true artist!