Chestnuts and wine: towards Novello and beyond

The first days of October: autumn is coming into its own, and the cool evening breezes are becoming more and more biting. Let’s enjoy the pleasant breeze that invites us to indulge in wonderful thoughts of dining: a laid table, a grill where the Florentine steak is cooking over an open fire, a glass of wine and friends to keep us company. What better image to describe this wonderful time of year? After the days when white wine was drunk chilled, by the sea or under a country pergola, comes the time for autumn dishes. Among the most famous is she, the queen of the table who starts to peep out from October: the chestnut.

Classic pairing: with Novello wine. However, we will still have to wait a few more weeks to taste a glass. Novello is, in fact, a wine that we will be able to find on the shelves starting in the last ten days of October. For these days that introduce us to the tenth month of the year, we have a few more tips in store. Surely you do not want to enjoy chestnuts depriving yourself of the pleasure of a good glass? Let’s go and see how we can pass the time while waiting for the November scents of Novello.

Chestnuts and Carpineto Chianti Castaldo

Born from Sangiovese, Canaiolo and other authorised red grape varieties, Carpineto Chianti Castaldo is a floral, densely fruity, intensely perfumed wine. A fresh and fragrant bouquet, yet snappy and very pleasant to drink, characterised by a smooth sip. A medium-bodied wine whose complexity increases over the years, it is, at the same time, the perfect companion for chestnuts when drunk young. The typical mellowness of the chestnut, emphasised by the strong presence of starch, needs to be balanced by an easy-drinking wine with good acidity that properly cleanses the palate. Carpineto Chianti Castaldo is the wine for you!

Chestnut and chickpea soup and Carpineto Chianti Classico

Combining chestnuts and pulse: another symbol of autumn. Chestnut and chickpea soup, in particular, is one of the tastiest and most savoury dishes of this season. Perhaps enriched with intense aromas of rosemary or sage. A very simple dish and, at the same time, rich in aroma and full of flavour. To be paired with a red wine of good depth, perfectly balancing acidity and tannicity in a flood of intensity and elegance. Carpineto Chianti Classico is floral, fruity and, at the same time, fine and elegant. One of the highest expressions of Sangiovese here in the land of Greve in Chianti, where our estate is located, in the heart of one of Italy’s oldest wine-growing areas.

Carpineto Chianti Classico is a wine that perfectly balances the rich taste of chestnut and chickpea soup, leaving a pleasant and clean palate thanks to its velvety and fully integrated tannin. A small taste experience that you will want to repeat until winter comes knocking at the door.

Castagnaccio and Carpineto Farnito Vinsanto del Chianti

Chestnut flour, sultanas, pine nuts and walnuts. Little sugar, no eggs and no butter. Castagnaccio is a poor – and at the same time tasty – dessert of the traditional cuisine in Central Italy. Here in Tuscany, every family jealously preserves their own typical recipe. A symbol of our tables that we can pair, to the delight of our taste buds, with Carpineto Farnito Vinsanto del Chianti. An important and very elegant wine, obtained by drying the grapes on special racks. A persistent and very broad olfactory bouquet, from dried fruit to walnut husk; from apricot to white peach. The taste is pleasantly sweet and never cloying, ideal for the end of a meal or as a meditation glass. One of the flagships of our large family, you will not be able to do without it once you have tasted it.

All that remains is to light the embers, gather the chestnuts, and sit in an armchair or by the laid table to fully enjoy the pleasures that only autumn can offer.