Christmas Wines

This Christmas will be unlike others. There will be those who will gather and toast with their families, sitting around a table, and for those who will do it from afar, perhaps in a videocall. The comfort of a good glass of wine, along with the love of the people we care about, always remains the same.

This good spirit, cheers and warms the atmosphere of our tables even at the end of a long year. If you are having an Italian Christmas Eve dinner, which usually consists of fish-based courses starting, perhaps with raw seafood starters, you will want to pair it with our Vermentino Valcolomba Doc della Maremma. This wine is known for its fruity scents, fresh taste and light mineral note.

If you are taking seafood into the first course, you will want to take a small step up in your wine in terms of body and structure. This means taking your Dogajolo Bianco out of the cellar! This blend of Chardonnay, Grechetto and Sauvignon Blanc is a wine we are particularly proud of. Its fruity notes are perfectly balanced with its acidity and sapidity, leaving a long and velvety finish. The Dogajolo Bianco, as well as its “brothers” Rosso and Rosato, will surprise even the most demanding palates. Are you vegetarian or vegan? Dogajolo Bianco pairs perfectly with salads, tofu-based dishes and sublime spiced sauces. You’ll need to taste this combo to believe it!

Let’s take this a step further in terms of structure and find a wine to pair with a grilled tuna fillet, seared salmon or salt-crusted baked fish. The protagonist will be the full-bodied wine in your glass which won’t completely cover the delicate flavors of the fish. This is not an easy task, but is admirably accomplished by another wine that makes us proud – the Farnito Chardonnay. It is golden yellow and almost brilliant in color, full of fruity and spicy scents with an almond finish. It is harmonious, persistent and very refined on the palate. A sip of great elegance for your most holiday recipes.

Tuscany is a land of great reds. Here is a hint of some of the great denominations, which are often the protagonists of Christmas Day lunch. The perfect Tuscan red to pair with a first course of game? Perhaps a Nobile di Montepulciano Riserva, in its balsamic and velvety elegance; or one of our Crus, such as the Nobile di Montepulciano Vigneto Poggio Sant’Enrico, known for its bouquet of very rare persistence with notes of wild berries jam, currant, spicy hints, black pepper, vanilla, cocoa. These are wines of great structure that also wonderfully accompany second courses such as roasts or even more complex preparations, such as wild boar.

When we talk of Tuscan wines for Christmas, we must talk about Brunello di Montalcino. This is the pride of Tuscany and Italy throughout the world. Brunello has such an elegant sip to it that it can also be safely consumed as a meditation wine. Ours, in particular, already at a young age already has unique characteristics of elegance and balance, accompanied by a very broad bouquet ranging from raspberry to vanilla; from cherry to licorice, in a triumph of primary, secondary and tertiary scents that make it one of the most extraordinarily complex wines of the Italian winemaking tradition.

Our Chianti Classico, which we at Carpineto produce in all its best expressions, closes the circle of the Great Appellations. This wine has a base bouquet characterized by fruity, floral and fresh red fruit, with a nice acidity on the palate. The Riserva has a broad and full-bodied bouquet; the Grand Selection is the pinnacle of the denomination, where the structure of the Sangiovese grape truly shines through.

And for dessert? There are plenty of options for Italian dessert. You may opt for the classic Italian Panettone or Pandoro; or of the more exquisitely regional sweets such as Tuscan castagnaccio or Neapolitan pastiera, or perhaps you will want to travel further south to Sicily to end your meal! Whatever the case, our Vinsanto del Chianti DOC will satisfy your sweet tooth and linger long after with its persistence.