From Dogajolo Bianco to Farnito: let’s talk about Chardonnay

It is one of the most common white grape vines in the world. From the United States to New Zealand from Argentina to South Africa; obviously passing through France and Italy. Chardonnay is an adaptable and versatile grape and the vine can grow in different types of climate and soils. In Italy its cultivation is frequently associated with areas of Trentino-Alto Adige. However, even other regions of Italy have been producing interesting varieties of Chardonnay for numerous years. These regions include Tuscany and, it goes without saying, Carpineto too.

Our noble estate is the home to two different expressions of Chardonnay, starting from the type of composition: the first blended, the second single-variety. We are talking about Carpineto Dogajolo Bianco and Carpineto Farnito Chardonnay. Two starkly differing wines but both highly appreciated by those who are never satisfied by ordinary and conformist drinks. So, let us see how this grape expresses itself inside our bottles.

Carpineto Dogajolo Bianco

Here the Chardonnay grape is blended with the Grechetto and the Sauvignon ones, to offer a multi-faceted wine, with excellent acidity, a snappy drinkability and a harmonious taste. The Chardonnay provides its more fruity and floral characteristics, associated with a well balanced freshness from the sapid quality of the other grapes. The result is a full-bodied wine, medium structure. A caressing drinkability that makes it the ideal accompaniment to starters, pasta dishes, main dishes, salads, seafood and white meats. It also goes wonderfully with spicy food, with an orientalesque taste. A case in point: the tasty variety of Pad Thai.

Carpineto Farnito Chardonnay

Here is a single-variety expression of our Farnito Chardonnay. The fact that is single variety and all the more reason for this, we can find all the characteristics that make this grape variety one of the most highly appreciated in the world in this wine. Its most important quality is versatility. It is no coincidence that it is a wine that can be paired with almost anything, to be enjoyed throughout a meal from the first to the last course. Fermented in small oak barrels, to give it even more complexity, the Carpineto Farnito Chardonnay is an harmonious wine, of great intensity and persistence, with a wide-ranging bouquet from yellow fruit to spices, from toasted liquorice to toasted vanilla. The taste is dry and balanced, perfectly weighted between acidity and sapidity, providing a complex, yet simultaneously gentle and extremely pleasant taste.

Chardonnay, blended like in Carpineto Dogajolo Bianco or used as a single variety like in our Farnito, has a wide and complex range of characteristics, making it a vine that is still perfect today for the production of pleasant, persistent and high quality wines. A grape which has a long history behind it and, at the same time, still with great future before it, with aspects still to be experimented and to be discovered.