Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Somewhere Between Simplicity and Gourmet

Extra virgin olive oil is truly a miracle of Nature. We have been harvesting olives on our estate in Gaville for year now during Autumn season, right in the heart of the Upper Valdarno and on the border with Chianti Classico. We never cease to be amazed at how this one product can enrich and give prestige to any recipe. We have just finished the 2021 harvest, and this year too, the quality of the olives has yielded excellent results.

Our Sillano extra virgin olive oil is truly one of our flagship products. Cold produced from hand-picked olive varieties such as Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino and Moraiolo. These olives are full of aromatic and spicy scents with full, harmonious, complex and persistent taste. This is why we often recommend using it raw – keeping its majestic organoleptic qualities intact.

Even the simplest or quickest dish such as finger foods can turn into a real sensory experience. Let’s take the classic example of the tomato bruschetta. A simple drizzle of Sillano extra virgin olive oil enhances the fullness and sweet tendency of the tomato, blending it into a sumptuous embrace with the starch of the bread. Truly a small miracle. This is simplicity on the table, a simplicity which becomes an expression of the best of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine.

With our Sillano you can really give free rein to your imagination in the kitchen with both simple and gourmet dishes. A common salad becomes a true taste experience; chickpea hummus can become the perfect appetizer for a romantic dinner or in the company of friends; fish carpaccio and meat tartare take on new and more interesting flavor profiles, enriched with taste, body and thickness. This also applies to more complex dishes such as stuffed pasta. Take ravioli stuffed with ricotta and truffle drizzled in extra virgin olive oil – this is a recipe known for its Tuscan flavor. And then of course there is… pizza! Try a drizzle of raw extra virgin olive oil on the hot tomato sauce of a fresh brick oven pizza. These are matches made in olive oil heaven.

In general, extra virgin olive oil is truly one of the greatest protagonists of Italian cuisine. It is a healthy and tasty addition to any food, an expression of the greatest Mediterranean tradition in the kitchen. We would all really have a hard time imagining a table without this Italian condiment – with images and aromas of its intense green color and golden reflections. Extra virgin olive oil is an ingredient, more than a simple condiment, able to change (for the better) the flavor profile of most dishes. Our Sillano is one of the greatest expressions of this tradition and we are proud to have been keeping this Tuscan tradition alive for decades.