From Vinsanto to Acquavite: a Guide to Dessert Wine Pairings

There is a perfect wine pairing for every food. Typically, we decide on our wine pairing while we are preparing our meal. Grilling meats and steak? Naturally we need to pair it with a red wine. In a fish-based restaurant? We probably look over the menu, choose our first course and only then does our eye fall on the wine list and quickly make its way towards the white wines.

The true wine lover, however, does not limit their imagination when it comes to pairing. There are wine lovers, like us at Carpineto, who breathe in the aromas of wine every day so when it comes to choosing pairings, it comes natural for them to first choose the wine and then the food dishes! For example, tonight I feel like drinking a glass of Brunello di Montalcino or a Chianti Classico… what recipe should I pair it with?

There are also meditation wines to take into consideration, those wine which are enjoyed alone for the pure purpose of taste, without having to pair them with any food. When choosing a meditation wine, it is clear that we start with choosing the wine based on its unique aromas and taste profile that must be carefully balanced. A good example of this is Farnito Vinsanto del Chianti Doc.

A superfine bottle, whose contents are obtained from Trebbiano Toscano and Malvasia grapes laid out to dry on racks. Farnito Vinsanto del Chianti is brilliantly paired with traditional Tuscan desserts, such as castagnaccio or buccellato, a cake stuffed with raisins and anise). It also pairs well with more elaborate desserts such as caramelized fruit or a fig tart. It is also interesting to mix and match wine and food from different regions or countries. Sacher Torte or Neapolitan Pastiera cake? There is an infinite bouquet of aromas to pair with from apricot to dried fruit, from walnut to peach and honey – these enhance the moment of the end of a meal, whether based it is a dessert or a cheeseboard.

Yes, we are proposing this something “extra” – Vinsanto del Chianti. It is the perfect end of meal companion even for great aged cheeses, as well as for blue cheeses. The broad taste-olfactory persistence gently caresses the great consistency of more important cheeses, starting a sensory journey that will remain etched in your memory for quite some time!

Now, let’s go back to dessert! Let’s go back to the incredible sensations that our palate can experience with the right combinations. Other classic pairings are those with spirits. For the sake of example, let’s take our brandy “Farnito Acquavite” which is produced with 100% Sauvignon grapes that are soft, delicate, and surprisingly fresh on the palate, dense with hints of honey and accompanied by a light floral aftertaste.

The perfect brandy pairings are classic Tuscan dry pastries, typically made with almond paste or almonds, such as biscuits from Siena called ricciarelli and cantuccini. Other desserts which go well with brandy are dry cocoa-based sweets, perfect for end of meal conversations with friends, the kind that make meals last a bit longer than usual. The star of our meal is not always the food but the wine, and in this case Vinsanto or Acquavite, the protagonist of our journey. This is a path that will reveal all its secrets to you along the way.