Frosé Dogajolo and Rosé Spritz: Carpineto Cocktails

Barman and posh locales choose Carpineto wine as an ingredient to a successful cocktail. It is so popular that it is actually becoming a trend in mixology due to the floral characteristics of roses, myrtle, vine flower and the fruity aromas of apple, currant and morello cherries. Dogajolo Rosato is a fundamental cocktail ingredient that is served throughout the world: Frosé Dogajolo.

Although the original version of a Frosé cocktail is a mix of rosé Dogajolo, lemon juice, sugar and frozen strawberries (placed in the freezer for six hours) and garnished with mint leaves. The Frosé Dogajolo changes structure and taste depending on the city that serves it and the barman who prepares it.

Some of our most memorable recipes over the years have included: Dante Frosé Dogajolo, from the exclusive QUADRA Le Club of Trani. Created by bartender Tommaso Scamarcio, it is: “A mix of Apulia and Tuscany, a symbol of the history of wine that unites two territories. After tasting the Dogajolo Rosé, I got the inspiration to associate this refined rosé wine with the unique flavors of my beloved Apulia”. Dogajolo Cup, from the Santarosa Bistrot in Florence. This cocktail has Dogajolo as its base mixed with violet liqueur, orange angostura, lemon, rhubarb juice, soda water and lemon grass to garnish.

Peach Frosé Dogajolo, from the MOMA in Rome. Created by bartender Giuseppe Gravante to highlight the freshness of this Dogajolo rosato with white peaches, mint and lime.

When it comes to international success, just look to the vodka-based frosé which has made its way across the world. This drink is made with Dogajolo Rosato, peach liqueur, prickly pear puree and grapefruit juice and has won the hearts of Eataly goers in New York in 2017.

This year the DOGAJOLO wine bar Banco del Vino in Marina in Scarlino which is run by Giada Castelli and Alessio Santini recommend a refreshing Spritz Rosé: “We have replaced Prosecco with the Spumante Brut Rosé Carpineto. The result is a floral and aromatic cocktail enhanced by the peculiarities of Brut Rosé, a delicate wine, that is best to drink with Aperol because it is less over powering than Campari. It is a cocktail that appeals to both men and women of all ages as well as Antonio Mario Zaccheo who always orders the Spritz Rosé for everyone“.