A glass of Vermentino Valcolomba Carpineto… and summer is immediately upon us.

If there is a vine that recalls summer when it is mentioned, then it is Vermentino Valcolomba. In the last few years it has undergone a progressive expansion of its cultivation, as well as a growing improvement of its quality in Italy. It led it becoming one of the best white wines in the Bel Paese.

Indeed, there are different kinds of them and, depending on where they are grown, they also give rise to famous denominations throughout the world.

Let us discover the characteristics of this grape together.


There is still a great deal of scepticism about its origins. It is thought to be native of Spain, then spreading throughout France and Italy. Here, it found its ideal habitat in Liguria, Sardinia and in Tuscany. It can now be cultivated throughout Italy, especially in areas close to the sea, thanks to its predilection for areas exposed to the sun. On the other hand it is rather sensitive to frost and dew because of its slightly early germination.

Vermentino is a white-berried grape with a medium-large and pentagonal-shaped leaf, characterised by a medium-sized cylindrical bunch. The grape itself is also medium-large, spherical in shape with a pruinose skin generally of yellowish-amber or yellow-green colour.


The wine generally produced from this grape is a straw-yellow colour with greenish reflections that has a delicate flavour of white flesh fruit and fresh flowers. The taste is always mineral, sapid, with excellent acidity, fresh and persistent.

It is undoubtedly versatile and when this period of the year comes around and the temperatures soar, it is extremely drinkable because it recalls the summer, salty air and the sea breeze on the skin.


If there is an area of Italy where the Vermentino has found its ideal habitat to be grown and express itself in an impeccable manner, then it is Tuscany and particularly the area of the Maremma.

Carpineto also has its Vermentino: in Appodiato di Gavorrano, in the Valcolomba estate, in the Tuscan Alta Maremma.

One glass after the other, non-stop, a Vermentino with an excellent drinkability and with a Mediterranean character that lends itself well to accompanying aperitifs, pasta dishes and fish-based main dishes. Ideally by the sea, with your feet on the sand.

Truly an excellent expression of a grape that fully reflects the terroir it comes from. An excellent Carpineto label that once again unchains our taste buds.