Harvest Season 2021: “A year worth discovering”

“The harvest is tension, panic, challenge, joy, laughter, memories. And satisfaction.” These words from our oenologist Caterina Sacchet describe what this magical moment of the year feels like. It’s the moment in which – literally – the fruit of one’s work are harvested. It involves twelve months in the vineyards; twelve months of hard work, never sparing. Ultimate meaning is found right here, between September and early October, when the ripe grapes are ready to be taken to the cellar.

But what type of harvest can we expect of 2021? A particular vintage, without a doubt. The rain was little and the year saw a drought. This led to a lower quantitative yield of plants, but a higher quality of the grapes themselves. “It is appropriate to say that this is the classic year of few but good”, Michael Zaccheo summarizes. The prolonged period of drought has in fact led to less and less intervention of treatments in the vineyard. The clusters have not been subjected to phytosanitary pressure, thus making it possible to harvest healthy grapes of great organoleptic quality, which will lend themselves to producing long-aging wines.

For this reason, 2021 will be a harvest “worth discovering”, in the words of our Caterina. This harvest has produced grapes that, like every year, give life to the great classics of the Tuscan appellations, from Brunello di Montalcino to Chianti Classico, as well as Nobile di Montepulciano Riserva along with more innovative wines such as the Dogajolo range and then moving on to the wide selection of Super Tuscans – with the Farnito labels – and the Cru selections of our Appodiati line.

Like every year, we pay great attention to the environment and to Mother Nature that allows us to carry on our work. Our woods, vineyards, and olive groves absorb 26 percent more carbon than the emissions of production processes. This year it will be even more significant as we have had to intervene very little in the vineyard with treatments. Because, as Michael Zaccheo explains to us: “Everything we do here is aimed at leaving a better world for the new generations. Protect Mother Nature and our land as best possible.” With these premises, the magic and charm of the harvest take on an even more value. The wine we love so much, the fruit and the meaning of all our work, give even clearer and deeper sensations of joy. The most beautiful gift that the earth gives us, repaid with constant work and respect for nature.