Inside the summer vegetable garden with Carpineto wines

In summer the vegetable garden is an explosion of colours. The red and yellow of tomatoes, the green of courgettes, the purple of aubergines. And still, the beige pastel nuances of runner beans, the green and red which returns in the water melons. Walking in a leafy field, amongst grown vegetables and those ready to be transferred to our tables, is a unique pleasure that summer has always reserved us. Those like us who grew up in the country know full well how these colours blend with the fragrances and the memories of a day spent peacefully almost suspended in time.

For this reason we want to play with memory. Let us be transported by the tastes of the land to pair them with the other great gift that mother Nature has given us: the vine. We will pair a wine to each vegetable. Letting ourselves be transported by the sensations and the aromas that come to mind more than by codified pairings. In game that you can replicate in the kitchen with your favourite dishes.

The king of the vegetable garden: tomato and Carpineto Chianti Classico

Let us start with the king of the vegetable garden. The tomato is the undisputed king of the summer table. Thanks to its complex range of tastes that make it, at the same time, a perfect ingredient for many dishes. Some varieties of tomato, like the beefsteak tomato, can be eaten raw, preferably in a fresh salad or with buffalo milk mozzarella in a juicy caprese salad. Others, like the San Marzano, are (also) perfect for preserves. The datterino, on the other hand, goes best cooked in a frying pan with basil and spaghetti. Basically: it can be used in countless ways in the kitchen.

Obviously the pairing changes according to the dish you choose. However, let us remember this, for us it is a game of sensations and memories. For its complex taste and sensory range, resulting in the pleasant taste of savouriness of its components, the tomato evokes in us a glass of Carpineto Chianti Classico: a pleasantly drinkable wine, with notes of flowers and crunchy fruit, well-structured and fine acidity. A summer marriage under the shade of a pergola in the countryside.

Courgettes and Carpineto Dogajolo Bianco

If we first talked about the king, now we turn to the queen of the vegetable garden. The courgette is highly appreciated because, just like the tomato, it is very versatile in the kitchen. It can be eaten in a thousand ways: raw, grilled, fried, boiled, al gratin, even as a healthy alternative to spaghetti if you cut it into thin noodles and dress it how you think is most appropriate. Generally we are talking about a food with a delicate taste, rich in water, which is the reason why it has so many uses that give us dishes with a fresh, soft and fulfilling taste.

This is why, in our imaginary game of memories, we turn our attention to Carpineto Dogajolo Bianco. A dry wine, but at the same time one with fresh and intense flavours. Its bouquet of yellow fruit with a balanced taste makes it the ideal drink for a summer of fresh, light and tasty dishes. Just like the courgette teaches us.

Aubergine and Rosso di Montepulciano

We find ourselves before another admirable example of versatility in the kitchen. Known since ancient times, probably imported by the Arabs, the aubergine is widely used basically in all four corners of Italy. A recipe that identifies this wide territorial dissemination is the classic Parmigiana. The origin of this dish is contested between Parma, Naples and Sicily, from one side of the Boot to the other. Be it as it may, the food and wine lovers amongst us should just be aware that we are talking about an essential ingredient for the Mediterranean diet.

Capable of giving us tasty, rich and balanced dishes (just like Parmigiana) in all their components. Precisely for this rich taste, our memory game leads us to the Carpineto Rosso di Montepulciano: a fresh, pleasantly drinkable wine that is also both full-bodied and well-structured, capable of presenting freshness and, at the same time, a strong personality.

You should try this fun game of memories and pairings for yourself, or take a leap into the cold season to discover the combinations of Carpineto wines with fruits and vegetables from the winter garden. Which fruits and vegetables remind you of your childhood? Those long walks in the countryside, maybe during a family trip? Think about it. And think, at the same time, about which wine you would like to sip while you lose yourself in the meanders of the past.