Novello Season

November means one thing – it’s time for Novello wine. A wine that evokes the flavors and aromas of Autumn, with a fragrance of fresh grapes brought straight down to the cellar to be freshly squeezed – that is Novello wine. The name already says it all – novello translated as “new” in Italian, as it is a new wine which evokes an idea of a fresh, soft, harmonious drink which is best appreciated in its early stages, a young wine meant to be paired with chestnuts, dried Autumn fruit and traditional Italian dishes, which we would like to talk about more in depth. But first: the Novello wine, precisely because of its being a wine to be tasted so young, requires winemaking procedures that are somewhat peculiar. Let’s see which.

Have you ever heard of carbonic maceration? It is a process entirely dedicated to the production of Novello wine. It is a winemaking technique that is different from the classic one, which every wine lover is used to seeing practiced in the cellar. Let’s start with the pressing of the grapes which are placed inside a watertight steel container, saturated with carbon dioxide. The temperature is then raised up to 86°F, allowing fermentation to begin to develop directly inside the whole berry. To put it technically, it is an intracellular alcoholic fermentation which results from the absence of oxygen, thus favoring the production of alcohol deriving from sugars.

The bunches are pressed one on top of the other to produce liquid from the crushing. This is where the must of carbonic maceration is created which is collected through a grate placed on the bottom of the steel tank. At the end of fermentation, the process is then completed with a classic pressing, letting the sugar residue transform into alcohol according to traditional procedures.

Why is all of this done to create a Novello wine? The carbonic maceration allows the development of typical aromas of Novello wine, such as raspberry, strawberry, the vinous scent of fresh grapes, just picked from the vine. This process allows wines to obtain great freshness, with very soft tannins and aromas of crunchy fruit.

Here at Carpineto, Novello is produced through 100 percent carbonic maceration. Italian wine governing entities specific that, in fact, a cuvée of base wines from different vintages can be added to the wine produced using this technique. Ours, on the other hand, is what we could define as a “pure carbonic maceration“. That allows us to obtain a wine that by the glass has very strong aromas and a very soft flavor. This 2021 has given us a wine which we are sure will give bring great satisfaction to every glass it fills. This harvest had one of our lowest quantitative yields, but of one of the highest in quality. The quality is also true of our Novello wine, with Canaiolo and Sangiovese grapes that have not been subjected to any type of phytosanitary pressure.

This process allows us to obtain beautiful, healthy, robust grapes, which release clear and persistent aromas. Ours is a Novello wine capable of exalting itself – as we said – combined with many traditional Italian dishes: pasta, grilled meats, grilled porcini mushrooms, flavorful, fatty fish such as salmon, recipes based on dried fruit and nuts. Our Novello wine has a versatility that makes it a highly appreciated wine.