Let the Harvest Begin!

Harvest season is the one time of year where we really up our game. This is the season where everything ends and everything begins. It is the season that marks the vegetative cycle of the vine, only to return to a state of rest after a year of intense work. This is when the winery starts working at full speed turning the grape into must, as it silently turns into wine. The steel or barrique containers prepare to welcome the nectar as home to it for the next few years. Everything is in movement and every little detail leads to the vitality of the wine ahead.

The harvest season tells a story of life, and that story consists of many chapters here at Carpineto. From great Tuscan denominations such as Brunello di Montalcino to Chianti Classico, to Nobile di Montepulciano along with fresh, young wines such as the Dogajolo, and of course the Super Tuscan wines – all of these are loved by a growing number of wine lovers. Each is a unique expression of a single language of excellence, quality, passion and environmental sustainability.

September marks the month when days out in the vineyard begin at dawn, with grapes ripe enough for harvest. Their ripeness is an example of the perfect balance between acid and sugar, in each and every grape. We go out into the field with tools in hand, ready to work every single portion of the vineyard, leaving nothing to chance. The bunches that are left on the vines are the result of a previous selection, choosing only the most beautiful, healthiest, ripest grapes for winemaking. This gives meaning to the expression “good wine is born in the vineyard”, as the grapes chosen are those which will end up in the glass. There is no later “correcting” a wine that is not born from a perfect selection of grapes.

Once the fertile Tuscan soils are worked, we move onto the cellar. The aromas of the must inebriate the air after just the first press. This is then followed by the fermentation process where grapes sugars are transformed into alcohol and carbon dioxide, through the painstaking work of selected yeasts. This miracle of nature is accompanied by the work of man, in a now centuries old process that once consisted of harvests transported by mules, entire families harvesting in the vineyards and long and satisfying days of hard work. In each bottle of Carpineto wine, you will find all of this and more. Our wine tells the story of two families, Sacchet and Zaccheo, whose vineyards live in some of the most enchanting corners of rural Tuscany, starting with the great classics such as Chianti Classico! Other more innovative wines which follow the great Italian winemaking tradition, adding an international blend from Carbernet Sauvignon to Merlot.