New Year’s Toast: Sparkling Wine to Wish You a Happy New Year

New Year’s Eve is always an opportunity to pop open a good bottle of sparkling wine. There is always a reason to celebrate the new year, to put your thoughts and worries behind you, to share joy and smiles – whatever the reason may be, there is always one there. Our winery was born in the heart of Tuscany, land of great reds. But here in Carpineto we are also very familiar with bubbles. We were even the first to have made sparkling wines in the Chianti Classico area.

Let’s go on a short journey to discover our sparkling wines and the thousand ways you will have to welcome the year to come. Let’s start with a bottle of absolute prestige – the Farnito Brut. It is also an excellent gift idea for your New Year’s Eve dinner. This sparkling wine boasts very fine perlage, elegant from the moment it is poured into the flute. It is a wine with aromas of bread crust, fresh fruit and spices for a wine of great body and absolute finesse. Our Farnito Brut is ideal both as an accompaniment throughout your entire dinner, and as a first glass of wine of the year, sipped just after the stroke of midnight.

Now if we choose another sparkling wine, we will still keep the finesse and elegance of our previous wine. Two wines above all will hit the spot: Spumante Brut and Brut Rosé. Two of our most popular bottles, capable of combining persistence and intensity with an always pleasant and snappy drink.

Let’s start with the Spumante Brut. This is a wine with a very fine froth and persistent perlage, with a straw yellow color and brilliant reflections, it has a complex and fruity bouquet in which the hint of freshly baked bread crust stands out. Our other option, Brut Rosé, is produced in limited numbers. It is a sparkling wine with a vivid, very fresh, refined flavor. Intense bouquet of rose and vine flower, with a perfect taste-olfactory balance. It can be drunk with immense pleasure and satisfaction, especially if combined with traditional Italian fish dishes, such as the Livorno caciucco fish stew, a dish that is dear to Tuscany. But it is also, undoubtedly, a solid auspicious wine, to be uncorked with relatives, loved ones and friends during the last night of the year.

Finally, for those who prefer sweet sparkling wines, there is our Spumante Dolce. This wine, in all its elegance, is refined and balanced, never cloying or tiring. It is a bottle that best expresses the potential of the Moscato grapes of which it is made. A pleasant acidity and fine persistence, our Spumante Dolce is the ideal bottle to uncork if, at midnight, you decide to combine your sparkling wine with one of the many traditional desserts of Italy. This is a wine with marked aromatic characteristics but, at the same time, of great versatility, capable of giving its best with any type of dessert to finish off your holiday meal. These are just a few of the many ways we have to wish you a very happy new year. This year there are many bottles and many glasses yet to be discovered.