Rosé is More Than Just a Summer Wine

Let’s face it… a lot of people only crave rosé in the spring or summer when the weather is getting hot. As soon as the seasons start changing, wine lovers gravitate towards the big and hearty reds to pair with their favorite fall foods and sit around the fireplace. Just because rosé is refreshing and perfect for a hot sunny day doesn’t mean it should be forgotten in the chillier Autumn months!

Rosé is incredibly food friendly and because it shares so many qualities with both red and white wines, it can be a perfect choice for pairing with dinner when the leaves start to change. Rosé typically has a higher acidity than reds and more structure than most whites, making it the perfect middle ground for pairing with foods like cheese and charcuterie, chicken, seafood and pasta dishes, mushroom risotto, and even seasonal stews!

Unlike a light Provençal style rosé, Carpineto’s Dogajolo Rosato is incredibly fruit forward and busting with body. This rosé is made from 100% Sangiovese and is a gorgeous pink-orange hue thanks to a little additional skin contact after pressing. On the nose, I get notes of rose petal, apple, grapefruit and a hint of jasmine. Flavors of strawberry rhubarb, raspberry jam, orange zest, sour cherry, dried apricot and a hint of green apple. This bottle is a crowd pleaser and perfect to enjoy on a crisp autumn night around the fire.