A rosé makes the spring: the Carpineto Dogajolo is finally back to the glass

A rosé makes the Spring

The inevitable return of Spring wakens nature: daisies flower, the temperatures start increasing pleasantly and good humour returns after a sad and grey winter.

The colours change, not only in the meadows, but also on our tables, in our dishes and above all in our glasses.

After long and cold months when we warmed ourselves with gratifying red wines, magically in this harmonious period of the year, we start craving for cooler and more immediate drinks. And so our glasses start to colour with new shades that recall interminable sunsets and bright dawns.

Copper pink, soft pink, peach pink, onion skin pink. Are just some of the shades of rosé; a type of wine that, in the last few years, is finally beginning to achieve the resounding success it deserves.

Often considered hybrids: halfway between red wines and white wines, rosés are slowly acquiring notoriety and fame, such that they have become undisputed protagonists on the Italian oenological scene. Worthy expressions of the vines and territories they come from, they are readily understandable and drinkable, one sip leads to another and they surprise in an unexpected manner.

Dogajolo Rosato Carpineto

The Carpineto rosé of the Dogajolo family comes from a selection of soft pressed typically Tuscan red grapes, which remain in contact with the must for a limited time.

It is a versatile wine that lends itself to the wine drinking we feel inclined to do and organise in these warm and pleasant days. Indeed, you can open a bottle at any time of day: for a picnic in the park, for an aperitif on the terrace, or for a fish barbecue with friends.

It doesn’t need to undergo any particular evolutions: it is bottled in January after harvesting, very soon after fermentation. Specifically because it should incarnate that type of unconvoluted wine that manages to get to the point, being drunk with pleasure, without having to follow too many patterns.

Organoleptic characteristics

In the glass it has a brilliant soft pink colour, and the aroma it carries on first smell is delicate recalling fresh flowers, like roses and myrtle, then it opens to fruity shades of blackcurrant and morello cherries, also with hints of red fragrant and juicy apple.

It has a decisive well-bodies taste, filling the mouth while remaining balanced in the acidity and sapidity, always encouraging more sips with an interesting persistence.

Served at a temperature of 10-12 degrees, it accompanies aperitifs. Starters, cold cuts, pizza, sushi, white meats, cold dishes and barbecued fish perfectly. A multi-faceted wine that surprises for its simplicity and its personality.

Young, innovative, easy to taste, Dogajolo rosé will play a prominent role this Spring thanks to Carpineto, which always leaves a sign of unequivocal quality with each sip, even when it produces more simple and immediate wines, compared to its Tuscan grand classics.