Sillano: Excellence in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our wines showcase the labor behind the great Tuscan winemaking tradition, and so does our Sillano extra virgin olive oil. Produced in Upper Valdarno that borders with the area of Chianti Classico area, bot this oil and area has become synonymous with excellence and quality. These are characteristics typical of the rich olive-growing history of this splendid region.

Our olive oil is cold-pressed from Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino and Moraiolo cultivars, and are rigorously harvested by hand in our Gaville Estate just a few miles from our headquarters in Dudda. The Sillano extra virgin olive oil is bright green in color, and accompanied by a delicate bouquet, dense with aromas and spices with a long and persistent finish that reveals a hint of very pleasant spiciness.

Our Sillano oil has a full and intense flavor and is a noteworthy accompaniment to crudités. It pairs wonderfully with a simple bruschetta with tomato, to the more complex fish carpaccio, and though this extra virgin olive oil has a surprising full-bodied flavor, it does not overpower food and instead adds a marked delicacy. These characteristics make it particularly suitable for dressing green salads and grilled vegetables, or as the main ingredient of tasty dips.

This 2020 has been a difficult year for all of us, from every aspect however it has been an historic year for the olive harvest in Tuscany both in terms of quantity and quality. One of the factors which has made it a good year are the higher-than-average temperatures which limited the amount of parasite damage on the harvest.

Our Sillano is certainly no exception. The 2020 vintage enhances all the characteristics already present in our extra virgin olive oil, and thanks to its versatility, it both enriches and ennobles our tables, including our Christmas table.