Spring Pairings

As the days get longer, and the first waves of seasonal warmth begin, it is time to enjoy a sunset by the sea or along the rolling hills of nature hills after a long, cold winter. It is almost impossible not to love Spring, especially for those like us who are used to spending all day in the vineyards and cellars. We can literally feel nature awakening with our hands, along our rows of vineyards that begin to come to life with vigor.

And we begin to imagine the wine to come, and we prepare to taste the one already produced perhaps pairing them with some seasonal recipes that enhance the qualities of both wine and food. Spring means a vegetable garden with seasonal food like peas, zucchini, carrots, spring onions, potatoes and more. While picking fresh peas, a simple, tasty and healthy dish comes to mind like stewed cuttlefish with a bit of tomato. A nice fresh, young, dry and balanced white wine will bring all the flavors and scents of this season to the palate. We therefore recommend our Dogajolo Bianco.

Let’s move on to regional recipes. Tuscany has countless of them like Florentine asparagus, sauteed in butter and served with an egg. Given the presence of butter fats, you could try a red wine like our Chianti Classico – fresh, with good structure and good acidity. It will leave you with a clean and satisfied palate. If we want to remain in the context of regional specialties, we go further several miles along the Tyrrhenian, arriving along the Sorrento Peninsula. Here the regional classic is spaghetti alla Nerano, whose name comes from the hamlet that is home to zucchini, gourmet mixed cheeses such as Provolone del Monaco and aromatics like basil for a tasty and vibrant dish. The perfect pairing to experiment with this dish is our elegant Farnito Brut, whose structure and effervescence brings out the fresh flavors of this recipe.

Spring also lends itself to heartier and structured recipes. For those who love meat, a delicious slow cooked lamb stew in meat broth is the perfect regional dish. The broth that we prepare with all seasonal foods is made with onion, potatoes, carrots and more. Boneless leg and shoulder are choice pieces for this stew, which we can be perfectly paired with a Nobile di Montepulciano Riserva or a Chianti Classico Gran Selezione. These are wines where the Sangiovese grape expresses itself in all its elegance, giving structure, softness and balance.