Spring Sensations: Pairing Fava and Pecorino Cheese

Fava beans and pecorino – a very simple recipe but quite a difficult wine pairing! The success of this combination is in large part thanks to its internal balance: the bitterness and tannic element of the fava beans matched with the savory and fattiness of the Pecorino cheese. It’s safe to say that this is a perfect match, which already has its own balance.

But experimenting is always a good thing, especially if you do it with awareness. Let’s face it – fava beans and Pecorino cheese, although an excellent combination, always leave a bit of dryness on the palate which is why a fresh, soft and pleasantly drinkable glass of wine can make all the difference to these two foods.

Our suggestion for the wine pairing of choice is the White Dogajolo. This wine is characterized by intensity and persistence on the nose with notes of flower and yellow fruit, followed by a clean and soft sip. The beautiful acidity and great balance of this white wine perfectly support the combination of fava beans and Pecorino cheese, with its savory flow perfectly counter-balancing every element.

If you are a fan of bubbles, there is a perfect wine to suit your palate. The effervescence of a sparkling wine cleanses the palate, leaving room for further sips. When it comes to fava beans and Pecorino, we need a rich, elegant, structured sparkling wine, which balances the internal complexity of the two ingredients. Our Farnito Brut corresponds to these characteristics – its ample and complex bouquet, vast persistence, elegance and balance are expressed in the aromatic and slightly citrus notes, with the soft sensation of bread crust supporting its structure.

These are the perfect pairings for the Spring, perhaps during a picnic on the grass or a trip out of town. The concept of Italian “fava beans and Pecorino cheese” was born in the country kitchen, when it was customary to greet the beginning of beautiful weather with a fresh, seasonal product such as fava beans. The ingenuity of the women and men of the countryside then led to the pairing fava beans with Pecorino cheese, since many were not only farmers but also breeders. And here we have it – one of the simplest and at the same time tastiest dishes that the Italian gastronomic tradition has given us.