Not just desserts: spumante, the sparkling wines to enjoy throughout the meal

A “prejudice” is still widespread today: that spumante sparkling wines are only to be drunk on special occasions. Of course: uncorking a good bottle while exchanging good wishes and clinking glasses is a rather joyful occupation, which we certainly never would want to do away with; but to consider spumanti only for their festive component seems, at the very least, reductive. Bubbles are among the most versatile products of winemaking, able to accompany hors d’oeuvres, first courses and main courses very well. And if it is true that here in Carpineto we have made red wines our distinctive feature, in honour of the highest Tuscan winemaking tradition, it is equally true that among our labels there are spumanti of the highest quality. After all, we were the first ever to make spumante in the Classic Chianti area, since 1982. Testimony to our love of bubbles. Here, then, are a few tips on what to drink with the whole meal, without necessarily having to wait it out until there is a party.

Carpineto Farnito Brut

Let’s start with one of our bottles of excellence. A very elegant and fine spumante made with a strain of yeast selected and produced by us, the Farnito Brut is made from Chardonnay grapes in a way that could be described as slow and cadenced. In fact, it takes more than eight months for the wine to become spumante. Just as many months pass while it stabilises in the bottle, so that the yeasts release their aromatic substances.

This is why our Farnito Brut presents itself in the glass in all its persistence and intensity. A broad, elegant and complex bouquet, ranging from crunchy hints of bread crust to the freshness of yellow fruit and delicate spicy aromas. Olfactory sensations that are fully confirmed on the palate, where the Carpineto Farnito Brut presents itself in all its richness and structure. Dry, by virtue of its being a brut spumante, but at the same time velvety and caressing. A goblet to be enjoyed with fish or white meat dishes. Also perfect accompanying Italian pasta dishes or pizza. With fried food in general, especially fish; or with medium to mature cheeses, starting with a classic Parmigiano served in flakes.

Carpineto Spumante Brut

Now comes the turn of the progenitor. Yes: because Carpineto Spumante Brut is actually that first bubbly produced in the Classic Chianti area, mentioned earlier. This spumante is the result of a slow and constant fermentation at low temperature, with a long stay on the yeasts: a process that ensures, as with Farnito Brut, a very wide bouquet of aromas. In the glass, our Spumante Brut has a light froth and a persistent, very fine perlage, a brilliant yellow colour with greenish reflections that fade to golden.

The aromas, as we were saying, truly express marked freshness: yellow fruit, golden apple, crust of freshly baked bread. These are expressions that we also find in full on the palate: a snappy, biting but, at the same time, balanced sip. Able to support the most diverse dishes with its freshness: from baked to fried fish; from semi-matured cheeses to cured meats; up to first courses with a nice freshness and, at the same time, a certain “fatty” hint. Try it with a carbonara or a cacio e pepe: you will be grateful to us for the suggestion.

Carpineto Spumante Brut Rosé

A cuvée produced in a very small quantity. Capable of fully expressing every single component of the blend. We are talking about Carpineto Spumante Brut Rosé: very light mousse, persistent perlage, light pink colour and minute bubbles. This brief description is enough to fully convey the finesse of this great little spumante.

On the nose, the hints of roses and vine flowers are immediately evident. The flavour, dry and balanced, is well proportioned by acidity and sapidity. Characteristics that make our Spumante Brut Rosé a wine of great refinement and, at the same time, good body. To be sipped with pink and boiled meats. Alternatively: fish dishes with great personality, such as Livorno’s caciucco or cod in all its variations.