Summer breeze and Vermentino di Carpineto

A great classic but also a undisputable truth: summer calls for fresh wines. Pleasantly and easily drinkable but no less elegant and versatile for this. Carpineto’s fresh proposal in choosing Valcolomba IGT Maremma Toscana, vermentino with a touch of the sea, was born precisely from this, because summer in the Maremma is full and overwhelming. The vermentino confirms itself as one of the most widespread white grape varieties in Tuscany, and not only there, that Carpineto has managed to adapt and model in its style and vision.

A light dress perfect to satisfy an increasingly wide ranging knowledgeable public who choose it for their memorable moments. Mediterranean and overwhelming, it recalls sunsets, barbecues and aperitifs: a thousand and one occasions to consume it and a public of loyal wine-lovers who specifically make its distinctive features a reason for choosing it. One amongst others? Its marked salinity.

Obviously what in jargon is called terroir plays an important role here: the grape variety used for its production is mainly Vermentino but other white berry native vines complete the blend. Tasting it is a pleasure in all senses and for all the senses which are completely overwhelmed. Its colour is a straw yellow with greenish reflections which become warmer the longer it spends in the bottle. Different floral expressions stand out to the nose, but also clearer lines that recall aromatic herbs and make the olfactive profile defined and distinctive. The sea aroma, there is no other possible definition.

In the mouth all the pleasantness of a fresh and particularly balanced vermentino. Fresh fruit and honey reign, providing such a pleasant product to taste and also giving many possible pairings. Indeed in this case the perfect pairing is with a raw seafood starter, light fish-based pasta dishes but also main grilled dishes and stews. The great number of possible food pairings make this one of the most versatile products proposed by Carpineto. Summer breeze! I’m going to the sea, ideally with a bottle of Valcolomba Carpineto. What are you going to do?