Summer Pleasures: Spaghetti with Clam Sauce & Wine Pairings

In the world of food and wine there are few things that are as simple and as perfect as a dish of spaghetti with clam sauce. The richness in ​taste comes from two simple main ingredients – clams and parsley, along with extra virgin olive oil and garlic as a base and a sprinkling of pepper to add a bit of flavor.

This summer recipe is par excellence and is best enjoyed by the sea as well as at home, as it is quite easy to make and pairs wonderfully with wine. Of course, it is important for us to stay hydrated and drink lots of water, especially on hot summer days, but a glass of white wine – sipped after a satisfying forkful of spaghetti – is simply a summer must, a magical combination. Below are a few wines we recommend to make your meal even more intense.

The first wine we recommend is our White Dogajolo. This balanced wine is delicately fruity, perfectly full-bodied to support the structure of the dish. Each sip is full, fresh and satisfying, an ideal accompaniment to a recipe that has both structure and aroma, as well as the sweet tendency of the starches from the pasta. This is a combination that is perfect for this dish, as is spaghetti with white clam sauce and our more structured wine – our Farnito Chardonnay.

Elegant and full-bodied, with great personality, our Farnito Chardonnay is the ideal companion for any meal, from aperitifs to main courses. If you pair it with spaghetti with clam sauce, the dish is enhanced even more thanks to its fruity and mineral characteristics, which blend well in a glass. This wine evokes great emotion through its aromas of yellow fruit, white flowers, minerality, a slight hint of dried fruit on the nose. The range of aromas is persistent and evolves minute by minute, during lunch.

And for those who love bubbly wine – summer is perfect for sparkling wine so it is only natural that we would include one in our recommendations. Spaghetti with clam sauce pairs wonderfully with our Farnito Brut, which has elegant hints of bread crust and fresh fruit that perfectly accompanies the flavor of clams, extra virgin olive oil and parsley. This is a choice that simply cannot go wrong  choice – enhancing the taste of this Italian recipe tenfold.