Summer Tips for Pairing Wine and Grilled Fish

Summer is a time for outdoor barbecues and drinks with friends – that time of year when we get to share special moments with those we care about. These are long days that pass quickly thanks to the joy and lightheartedness that comes from the aromas of the grill and a glass or two of wine. That is, if it is the right wine. Let’s talk about grilled fish – the type eaten just by the beach or which by the sea or in even on a backyard deck – this light summer fare always delights our palates.

Let’s begin with fish that are usually cooked whole such as sea bass, sea bream, snapper and so on. The choice of wine to pair with these certainly falls on a fresh white that has good acidity and beautiful structure. The perfect wine to accompany this dish and a toast to summer is our Dogajolo Bianco. Fresh, balanced, full-bodied and very pleasant to drink, this is a glass that will best enhance our succulent grilled fish.

There are those of us who prefer seafood, which is also perfect for the grill. A bubbly wine like the Farnito Brut is truly satisfying, with its effervescence and its marked hints of yeast and summer fruit. This is a very elegant way to combine seafood and shellfish. If, on the other hand, you prefer fatty fish, such as salmon, we also have the right combination for you – the Dogajolo Rosato, which balances the fattiness of the fish with its structure as well as its tendency to be sweet on the palate.

If you are opting for a grilled salmon or seared and well-seasoned tuna fillet, we could even go so far as to recommend a red! As we wine lovers well know, the idea that fish should always be paired with white wine and meat should always be paired with red wine is not always dogma, and does have wonderful exceptions. We, who always like to discover new paths, might be interested in a glass of Chianti Classico: a young, fragrant wine, with very smooth tannins and a quick drink. This is a combination that could surprise both you and your guests.