Summer Wine Pairings

Summer on the table offers an explosion of colors and flavors. Some of Italy’s most cherished and traditional recipes are saved for summer – when Nature keeps its promises from Spring and the scents of fresh food fill the pantry and kitchens. Summer means fresh, simple and genuine food – this can only be found in regional recipes what only our regional recipes, and it goes without saying that these foods are best paired with an excellent glass of wine.

Let’s start with a very typical recipe from Southern Italy: the “fresella” made with tomato. The simplicity of this recipe offers sublime taste: the fresella is a bread that is once baked in the oven and then hardened and for this recipe, is soaked in water (for how long, depends on the consistency you want to give it). Add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil (the right occasion to taste our Sillano), a pinch of salt, coarsely chopped tomatoes and for an extra touch of aroma, a basil leaf. That’s it – simple preparation and ingredients in a dish that will make your senses sing. The best pairing, we recommend is a white Dogajolo – fresh, balanced and elegant, able to support the intense flavors of tomato without covering the structure of a recipe that makes delicacy and balance its strong point.

Next is our very own region – Tuscany. As we move closer towards the coast, we will find an excellent “caciucco” (or cacciucco, as they say in Livorno). This is a fish soup made with prawns, mussels, cuttlefish, redfish and plenty more delicacies from the sea. It is usually served with toasted slices of bread rubbed with a bit of garlic. Caciucco needs a well-structured, solid and at the same time not overwhelming wine. This perfectly describes our Dogajolo Rosato. It boasts wonderful acidity and full and satisfying flavor that is offset by delicate hints of summer red fruit.

Let’s now move on to red wine. Nowhere is it written that summer meals can only be had with white wines or bubbly! Our Dogajolo Rosso is proof that a solid wine, with ample aromas and a well-marked structure is a summer wine. This red wine can also be sipped slightly cooled, given the presence of soft and velvety tannins. You could easily then pair it with another typical summer recipe – eggplant parmigiana. This dish and wine go hand in hand in richness and structure, creating the perfect combination of harmony worth celebrating.

And for fans of bubbles – our Farnito Brut is the perfect wine for any occasion, from a pre-dinner drink to a main wine for your meal. Summer is a perfect time to enjoy fish – raw and straight form the sea, shellfish and more. This wine offers the perfect pairing to enjoy a relaxing evening on the terrace or by the sea.