Super Tuscans to the rescue: young and versatile, Dogajolo Rosso wine wins everyone over.

Who said that Super Tuscans should only be structured wines – wines with significant aging potential, with years ahead of them?

There are also young and versatile Super Tuscans. They are meant to be uncorked, wines with much more “lightness” to them that do not necessarily cost exorbitant amounts to taste them.

So, what are these Super Tuscans?

These are the great red wines of Tuscany that are of great value and notoriety, which purposefully do not follow traditional production rules and characteristics of this region. First, the grape variety – Sangiovese is the main grape of this territory, though it is not the only of its kind. In order to produce Super Tuscan wines, other vines of an international nature are used. Such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, often in addition to Sangiovese.

Another typical feature of these wines is that they do not meet the guidelines of the Tuscan DOC or DOCG. And therefore there are no precise rules dictated by a particular disciplinary regarding their production.

Super Tuscans began making their way into the wine world around the 1980s when the revolutionary and brilliant idea of ​​some courageous producers came to fruition. These wines were born of a different nature way than their predecessors – their nature is closer to that of great French red wines. In fact, the goal of these wines was precisely that, wanting to create a prestigious aging wine that was similar to a Bordeaux wine but with Sangiovese as its cornerstone.

Shortly thereafter, Super Tuscans would make their way into the hearts of enthusiasts, becoming the spearhead of an Italian enology that is ever growing and evolving. These wines, to this day, are considered leading products of our wine culture throughout the world.

The paradox of these wines is that they were not born out of any particular specification. So much so that these Super Tuscan wines were initially labeled as “table wines”. A definition typically used to refer to low-quality products in the hierarchy of the Italian wine classification.

As we found ourselves in the comical situation of classifying mediocre wines and great reds all under the label of “table wine”. International critics, enthusiastic about this new type of wine, began to call them Super Tuscans hence remedying the need for any further classification discernment.

The term has thus become synonymous with intrepid and innovative viticulture, with producers experimenting with new blends and new cultivation methods. At the same time, it has become synonymous with a style of wines that go beyond tradition and are appreciated worldwide.

But Super Tuscans don’t always require austerity, long refinements and complicated culinary combinations. There are Super Tuscans wines that are young, multifaceted and fully capable of winning over the palates of both experts and the average enthusiast.

An example?

An example is Carpineto’s Dogajolo Rosso wine which is a young soft and fruity Super Tuscan, with a little barrel aging can be ready to drink immediately, or left to continue aging.

It’s produced with Sangiovese grapes up to 70%, Cabernet and other varieties that change according to the vintages and the company’s discretion. They are then vinified separately and towards the end of fermentation they are combined and placed in small wooden barrels where they slowly complete the alcoholic fermentation and malolactic.

An intense ruby ​​red color is striking in the glass, and the olfactory range fades from fruity notes, cherry and black cherry, to floral aromas, vanilla and coffee. The sip is bold, full, soft, with a beautiful structure. Certainly, able to be appreciated immediately, with an easy drink, but also in a few years if left to age in the bottle.

Dogajolo Rosso is a wine with extreme versatility when it comes to pairings. Even if slightly crisp, it can still accompany important fish-based dishes, such as a red tuna steak, or a pacchero pasta with monkfish sauce.

It is truly a bold red that convinces the palate sip after sip of its pleasant and smooth character. It is a gem in the Super Tuscan world that should always be kept within reach of the cellar to surprise even the most demanding and traditional of palates.