Tasting Notes: Appodiato di Montepulciano Molin Vecchio

There are many definitions of excellence. For a painter, excellence can be Leonardo da Vinci’s canvases or Raphael’s frescoes; for a sportsman, the feats of Olympic athletes; for a musician, the sublime piano sonatas of Chopin or Mozart. Excellence for a winemaker can be what comes from the careful and meticulous work in the vineyards and wine cellars.

The Appodiato di Montepulciano Molin Vecchio is certainly one of our excellences. The vineyard that produces this wine was planted in 1995 and has a low density per hectare (4464 plants per hectare, to be precise). It is a wine that is the result of a very careful selection of vines and clones of origin, generally harvested towards the end of September. It is made of 80% Sangiovese, of which a specific clone on a specific rootstock is selected; 10% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Syrah. This wine leaves nothing to chance and is carefully labored from the very beginning of its life cycle, even its vintage. Molin Vecchio is produced only in vintages that are deemed five stars.

Vinification is carried out in controlled temperature rooms of 77-86F°. The wine is subjected to malolactic fermentation (the transformation of malic acid into lactic acid, softer and less pungent) and matured in 225-liter French and Armenian oak barrels. Bottling is done without treatment or filtration of any kind, and the wine is then refined in the bottle for over 45 months, a process which allows for the wine to be perfectly stabilized so it can best express all its organoleptic characteristics that make Molin Vecchio a unique product.

Visual Test
The color of this wine remains a bright and intense red, the result of the great anthocyanin concentration of the vines of origin. As you swirl your glass swirls, you will immediately notice the great consistency of the wine, which caresses the walls of the glass with all its enveloping body.

Smell Test
Molin Vecchio is a wine of great longevity. However, already in its first years of life, it shows a surprising balance to the nose. The remarkable persistence of this wine makes it one of great finesse and elegance. The nose is taken on a journey into woods, picking up scents of red fruit, plum, blackberry, spicy hints of cinnamon and black pepper as well as toasted aromas such as vanilla, coffee, cocoa, tobacco and hazelnut. Our sense of smell is subject to one caress after another with every scent.

Taste Test
This wine on the palate only confirms and sharpens the sensory wonders of the nose. The soft, complex, and elegant characteristics come together in a game of balance between acidity and flavor. The presence of tannin is noticeable but never too aggressive and is transmitted in the warmth of every sip. Each sip is likened to a gentle hug of the palate.

Recommended Food Pairings
This wine pairs perfectly with roasts, typical of Tuscan and Italian cuisine. It also expresses its enormous potential with the classic Florentine steak and game.