Tasting Notes: Appodiato di Montepulciano Vigneto di Poggio Sant’Enrico – Nobile di Montepulciano

There are wines that are perfect for every day, those that are right for special occasions, wines that perfectly pair with meals and those which we would only uncork in good company. And then there are wines that offer even more than that.

Those that are difficult to categorize. Wines that tells us the story of a place, without moving any further than our armchair at home. The Appodiato di Montepulciano, Poggio Sant’Enrico wine is one of these wines.

This is a pure Sangiovese which comes from a selected cru that is only produced with the carefully selected vintages. Simply being content with a vintage is not acceptable, excellence is the key.

Visual Test

The Sangiovese, in its Prugnolo Gentile version, is expressed in all its anthocyanin power. The color of red of this Nobile di Montepulciano is concentrated, rich, deep and continues as such even after years of bottling. As this wine swirls along the walls of its glass, it reveals its fine consistency.

Smell Test

We continue to examine this wine profile by travelling along the Tuscan hills. The numerous olfactive rewards of this wine offer primary hints of blackberries, blueberries, cherries and violet. The bouquet gradually opens up to tertiary spices such as vanilla, licorice, toasted aromas and more, this not including “younger” aromas. This game of balance reveals the finesse of this wine, making its grandeur a distinctive feature of elegance.

Taste Test

This wine caresses the palate upon first taste. The structure of this wine reveals itself in its complexity without being too aggressive on the senses. Olfactory sensations are amplified in the mouth, with a very long and persistent finish that makes every sip almost unforgettable.

Recommended Pairings

A wine of great complexity deserves to be paired with equally structured dishes such as roasts, game and grilled meats. A dish that pairs best with this wine is the Florentine t-bone steak, a classic of Tuscan cuisine. As for those with a sweet tooth, this wine is also a surprisingly perfect partner for dark chocolate (65 – 75%). It’s worth trying.