Tasting Notes: Brut Rosè

Elegant and intense. It doesn’t take much to describe the pleasure that comes from each sip of sparkling wine. We know this well here at Carpineto, as we were the first to have a sparkling wine plant in the Chianti Classico area. That was back in 1982, and since then our production of the bubbly drink has multiplied, always with particular attention to quality. One such example is our Brut Rosè, which is a result of a low temperature refermentation followed by long stay on the yeasts that gives it body, complexity and very fine perlage. Let’s get to know this wine more closely.

Visual Test
This wine is light and almost ethereal, very fine and persistent perlage, and a light pink color that only enhances its brilliance. Brut Rosè immediately proves itself to be a fine and elegant sparkling wine, whose bubbles rise very small towards the surface.

Olfactory Test
This wine is Spring and all its scents in a glass. Fresh fruit, white flowers, roses, and even the very scent of vine flower. Just as Nature is reborn after the rigors of winter, this intense bouquet is released in the glass that stimulates all our senses.

Taste Test
Each sip is agile and snappy, without no signs of aggressiveness. The very pleasant drink is enhanced by an uncommon balance, which makes Brut Rosè perfect for any occasion, from an aperitif to most meals. The best way to enjoy this wine is to serve it at a temperature between 46°F and 50°F. If you serve this wine too cold, you would do an injustice to all the complex scents and aromas that arise from the glass.

Suggested Food Pairings
As we said, our Brut Rosè is a very versatile sparkling wine, perfect for aperitifs and paired with most any meal. Pink and boiled meats are a perfect match. For those who prefer fish dishes, we recommend something well structured, such as Livorno-style fish stew.