Tasting notes: Brut Sparkling Wine

In was back in 1982 when we built a sparkling wine production plant in our historic estate in Greve in Chianti. This was the first in the entire area of the Chianti Classico area. In Carpineto we are well aware of the importance of following the entire production process first-hand – from work in the vineyard to winemaking and bottling. Spumante Brut is certainly no exception!

A slow and constant fermentation, at low temperatures, is followed by a long period of sitting period of yeast deposits, which are produced by us. This process is periodically interrupted for appropriate pumping over. This allows for a unique, fragrant, fresh sparkling wine to be returned, with an elegant taste-olfactory bouquet.

Visual Test

The straw yellow color of this wine is enhanced by the brilliant reflections that surround the glass. The wine has very fine bubbles which rise upwards, producing an elegant and persistent perlage, enhancing the fresh effervescence of each sip of the eye.

Aroma Test 

To the nose, the Spumante Brut expresses itself in all its surprising and complex olfactory intensity. The fruity hints of golden apple and Williams pears are complimented by the marked aromas of freshly baked bread crust, a result of the action of yeast and the long stay on the yeast deposits. This is a wine of composite and intense bouquet, which anticipates the finest elegance on the palate.

Taste Test 

Each sip of this wine is fresh, dry and balanced. The retro-olfactory aromas highlight the presence of a citrus and mineral quality, which further enhances its pleasant effervescence. On the palate there remains a pleasant sensation of round fullness, free of any harshness.

Recommended Food Pairings

The aperitif is perhaps the best time for our Spumante Brut. It pairs perfectly with fish-based dishes such as fried calamari or grilled tuna, sea bass and sea bream. The effervescence and freshness cleanse the palate in an admirable way, enhancing the delicate but, at the same time, decisive flavors of the fish. For this very reason, it is also recommended to sip Spumante Brut as an accompaniment to some semi-aged cheeses, for example goat cheese.