Tasting Notes: Chianti Castaldo

Simplicity is the key to elegance. This is true for a young wine that is ready to drink without aging, a wine with intense aromas which holds its own and knows how to properly present itself. Our Chianti Castaldo is the fruit of our southern Tuscan terroir, one of the most renowned in the world. Our DOCG Chanti Castaldo is made of at least seventy-five percent of Sangiovese grapes, Canaiolo grapes and other traditional varieties which together create a perfect every day wine.

The short period of maceration of the must in contact with the skins and marc is followed by bottling which takes place in the Spring just following the harvest. This wine is an easy, quick drink and perfect for those who love fresh and fruity scents typical of Chianti.

Visual Test
Intense ruby ​​red color, limpid, moderately consistent. This wine glides harmoniously along the sides of the glass, allowing characteristics of its youth to shine through.

Smell Test
This wine oozes fresh red fruit in its first year of life. Aromas evolve such as blackberry, plum, subtle hints of black cherry, hints of currant and blueberry all arise as it is refined. Floral scents are also evident, with violet as a dominant aroma. This is a surprisingly persistent wine, a ready to drink wine with great potential to age over time.

Taste Test
The typical acidity of Chianti Castaldo together with the right amount of sapidity, along with the present and never invasive tannins, balance very well with the concentration of alcohol in this wine. On the contrary, the fiercer side of this wine is its soft and velvety sensations that accompany and satisfy every sip which is fresh to the taste.

Recommended Pairings
Served best at a temperature of 64°F, Chianti Castaldo pairs wonderfully with traditional dishes such as roast lamb ribs, pork loin, Tuscan tomato soup, legume soups. The pleasant acidity also makes it an ideal companion for cured meats dishes, from speck to salami, as well as rustic pizzas or young and short-aged cheeses.