Tasting Notes: Dogajolo Bianco

The Dogajolo Bianco is one of our most innovative wines, and the result of hard work known in the oenological world as “zoning”. This is a fresh wine, with good body and balance, born from careful study from the foothills of our Montepulciano estate – an area best suited for the cultivation of vines such as Grechetto, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Al of these grapes happily meet in this Dogajolo Bianco.

Visual Test

The bright straw yellow color of this wine immediately signals the freshness and visual sensation of this wine. The clarity of this wine in a glass really stands out and leaves an impression. This is an important feature to notice, given that this wine does not undergo any clarifying or stabilizing treatment through chemical products. Once the fermentation process has ended at a controlled temperature, the wine is in fact immediately filtered and kept at low temperatures. This is a process that favors a spontaneous and natural stabilization.

Olfactory Test

The hints of yellow fruit and floral notes seem to caress the nostrils, without being too aggressive or excessively aromatic in any way. The light hints of exotic fruit are validated in a retro-olfactory way once the first sip is made. Each glass that is full filled with the finesse of these intense and persistent aromas, once again underline the wonderful balance of the Dogajolo Bianco.

Taste Test

The sober elegance of the aromas is completely evident on the palate. The perfect balance between acidity and flavor gives life to a very pleasant and fresh sip. This is a wine that is clearly balances in its distinctive feature.

Recommended Pairings

The Dogajolo Bianco is a wine of great versatility. It is best enjoyed as a before dinner drink, and best when enjoyed on a pleasant Spring day at sea or while immersed in the green Tuscan hills. Of course, it is just as wonderful when enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. This wine pairs well with seafood and makes it a perfect combination with white meats or fresh salads typical of Mediterranean cuisine, and works well among the magnificent smells of basil and extra virgin olive oil. The fruity and floral characteristics of this wine, precisely because of their great balance, combine well with “intense” dishes, such as those of Asian cuisine.