Tasting Notes: Dogajolo Rosato

A bouquet of flowers and fresh fruit – if we talk of wine as we talk of Spring, one of the first thing that come to mind is our Dogajolo Rosato. It is no coincidence that even the label of this wine brings to mind the colors, scents and sensations of Spring. Young and ready to drink, but at the same time capable of solid structure and strong sensations on the palate. Bottled in January following the harvest, Dogajolo Rosato is the perfect wine for many occasions: an aperitif on the terrace, a Sunday lunch in the countryside, a dinner overlooking the sea accompanied by the first days of warm weather.

Visual Test
The pale pink color of this wine comes from the limited amount of contact between the pomace and must. Swirl your glass to appreciate the clarity of this wine, with elegant fuchsia reflections that shine in the glass.

Olfactory Test
Take our word for it, this wine is pretty much Spring in a glass. Roses, myrtle and vine flower offer striking and elegant intensity. Currants, apples, cherries and a very light hint of forest fruits to complete the bouquet of aromas for a wine that, although very young, has a surprising persistence.

Taste Test
At first sip, the Dogajolo Rosato is dry and balanced, with marked acidity and great variety in taste. On the palate, this wine opens up validating the range of olfactory sensations just experienced. The sip, wide and varied, makes us imagine a Spring walk among the vineyards, as the rows of vines come back to life and regain their color.

Recommended Pairings
The breadth of each sip confirms just how versatile this wine is and how many pairings you can experiment with: pink meats, cheeses, grilled fish. It can also be had as an aperitif wine, paired with sausage and salami, given the strong acidity and the beautiful structure of the sip.