Tasting Notes: Dogajolo Rosato

The perfect synthesis of traditional Tuscan viticulture and innovation of processes in the cellar are our Dogajolo wines which makes us quite proud. These wines are fresh, full-bodied, lively fruity and floral, and are appreciated by even the most demanding of palates. They are also offer an excellent price point for their level of quality. The beautiful structure of the red, along with the colorful floral bouquet of the white, is balanced by the fruity vivacity of the polychrome structure of the rosé. This is a ready to drink wine – pleasant and balanced, excellent for just about any occasion.

Visual Test
The soft pink is enhanced by elegant reflections of bright fuchsia, which really stand out when the wine swirls in the glass. This is a wine of good consistency and clarity, and its color is an expression of the brief contact between must and pomace, just after the soft pressing of the grapes.

Aroma Test
The initial prominent aromas are those of rose, myrtle, vine flower, as well as fruity hints of apple, black currant and morello cherry. These scents are intense, subtle and not at all invasive. The wine aromas can be characterized by persistence, based on the level variety of recognized aromas, all accompanied by finesse. Each sip is desicive with aroma.

Taste Test
The delicate olfactory bouquet of aromas is followed by a broad and defined decisive taste, balanced with freshness and flavor. This wine has a variety of taste sensations that do not end within the span of a few seconds, but instead give the palate ample time to enjoy the nuances found in each glass. The Dogajolo Rosato is a wine that retains a distinct identity, a very happy expression of its terroir.

Recommended Food & Wine Pairings
This makes for the perfect appetizer wine, but not only. The Dogajolo Rosato pairs perfectly with white or pink meats as well as cheese, especially semi-aged. It is a perfect pairing for grilled fish or even fish soup, as well with certain sausages. The wonderful acidity within each sip cleanses the fat from the meal, leaving a fresh and satisfied palate.