Tasting Notes: Farnito Camponibbio

There are certain wines that are capable of exalting even the finest the peculiarities of the individual grapes that they contain. These wines can represent the scents, flavors and organoleptic characteristics that balance in perfect harmony between taste and aromas. Our Farnito Camponibbio is one of these wines.

Born from a blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot that are all harvested and selected in different periods of time according to the maturation of each single vine, the Farnito Camponibbio comes from a large vineyard located south of our estate in Montepulciano with exposure from the East and South. The East is home to up to 8600 vines per hectare, making it one of the largest high-density vineyards in Italy. After vinification, the Farnito Camponibbio ages in oak barrels of various capacities for about a year, followed by a long period of bottle aging to stabilize every olfactory and gustatory aspect. This is a wine of excellence, produced in limited quantities for each single vintage. Let’s explore this wine a bit more closely.

Visual Test
Upon swirling the glass, the Farnito Camponibbio immediately shows signs of consistency and body. The intense clarity is accompanied by an intense ruby ​​red color thanks to the significant anthocyanin concentration of the grapes of origin which have a garnet-colored edge. This is a wine that, even after some time, retains the strength of its pigments.

Smell Test
A feast on the nose, the Farnito Camponibbio has hints of plum, berries, blackberries, cloves, which gradually open up in all their complexity and persistence. The primary and spicy scents are accompanied by the tertiary scents of elements aging in wood – toasted aromas, vanilla and licorice lead you to this fascinating journey towards every sip.

Taste Test
Structure and persistence accompany you from first sip. This is a wine of perfect balance between acidity and flavor, with solid but velvety tannins. It is a pleasant wine, and at the same time, it is capable of embodying great body. Each sip is elegant and balanced, an expression of the finest characteristics of the terroir of origin.

Recommended Pairings
Some of the best pairings for the Farnito Camponibbio are roasts, game and most typical Tuscan cuisine. It also pairs perfectly with grilled red meats.