Tasting Notes: Farnito Chardonnay

Produced from only the finest grapes of our Montepulciano Estate vineyards at 300 meters above sea level, our Farnito Chardonnay is a white wine of great structure and elegance, and is fermented in small oak barrels through the work of selected yeasts.

Visual Test
The golden, bright yellow of this Chardonnay Farnito has a consistent and full-body which emanates from the glass. The wine flows along the side of the glass demonstrating its elegance already in this first visual test.  

Smell Test
Two words describe this wine: persistence and finesse. This is enough to describe the ample bouquet which releases hints of ripe yellow fruit, tropical notes, and acacia flowers that blend with the tertiary hints of maturation in wood such as vanilla, honey, and hazelnut. These are all aromas which can be recognized on a retro-olfactory level – hints that meet in a harmonious and balanced combination.

Taste Test
An elegant wine like Farnito Chardonnay boasts a healthy balance between acidity and flavor which can be appreciated on the palate with each sip. The consistent and full nature of this Chardonnay is expressed in all its character in your glass, and its persistence and finesse is ever-present. 

Food & Wine Pairings
The keyword here is versatility. The Farnito Chardonnay is the perfect wine for any occasion. It can accompany you through fresh fish appetizers all the way through your whole meal. This wine pairs well with swordfish or sea bass or with well-seasoned white meats. It is also the perfect “meditation wine” that can be had on its own, uncharacteristic of most white wines. Just one sip is enough to understand how satisfying this wine can be, even in the absence of a dish to accompany it.