Tasting Notes – Spumante Dolce

Summer is back! Lunches with friends, celebration days, the desire to just be together – it’s all back. There are many reasons to uncork a bottle of wine with relatives, friends and loved ones – it unites us around the table. A bottle of wine shared reminds us how beautiful it is to spend time together. What better wine is there for such an occasion than our sweet sparkling wine?

Obtained from a must fermented at very low temperatures, by means of yeasts that enhance the aromatic characteristics of the grapes of origin, our sweet sparkling wine is the perfect wine for moments of conviviality, especially if you are celebrating a special occasion: a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary. Or, why not, in combination with a good dessert or a refreshing ice cream. But let’s get to know him more closely.

Visual Test
Our Spumante Dolce offers subtle perlage and light, almost ethereal foam, contrasted by a bright straw yellow color that underlines the clarity of the wine. As the glass is swirled, the perfect consistency is evident, and heralds the elegant delicacy of every sip.

Olfactory Test
The bouquet is complex and varied, completely focused on the aromas that only grapes of origin can produce. The delicate hints of yellow fruit give it an elegant and never cloying intensity, which enhance each sip, giving it strength.

Taste Test
This Spumante Dolce is smooth to the sip, crisp and pleasant to drink. Our sweet sparkling wine is full and intense in flavor, without giving in to overly insistent sugary notes. The balance of each sip is combined with a brilliant vitality, which makes this sparkling wine perfect to end your meal.

Recommended Pairings
Pair this sweet sparkling wine with cake, simple ice cream, classic Italian pastry… options are endless when it comes to sweet sparkling wine pairings. Another ideal pairing for this wine is fruit salad.