Tasting Notes: Valcolomba Vermentino from the Maremma Toscana Doc

A glass of wine can sometimes be compared to a summer walk immersed in the cool Mediterranean shrubland or along the seashore, just between the gentle Minstral winds. Good wine evokes sensations and brings back memories, bringing them all to life in a glass! Our Valcolomba, Vermentino della Maremma Toscana DOC, is the perfect expression of the terroir that pushes from the coasts towards the slopes of the hinterland. It is here, in the heart of our Gavorrano Estate that the vines find an ideal environment, rooted in the red earth of the Alta Maremma and caressed by the mild, typically Mediterranean climate.

Visual Test

Transparent with just the right degree of consistency, this straw yellow Valcolomba Vermentino also boasts crisp, greenish reflections. Upon first sight, this wine offers a pleasant and satisfying appeal, and over time its reflections tend to become more and more brilliant and golden.

Olfactory Test

The floral notes are immediately evident on the nose, accompanied by sensations of Mediterranean shrubland and clear notes of white and yellow fruit: quince, apricot and cedar which delicately mesh with the floral and aromatic bouquet of sage, broom and rosemary. This is a wine of good persistence, with a perfect expression of its origin – in the heart of the Grosseto Maremma, where it has found its perfect home.

Taste Test

The tasting of this wine simply confirms its finesse. Its floral, fruity and honey notes come together in a perfect balance which is emphasized by softness and the right amount of acidity. Each sip is warm, full, and without harshness and at the same time it is fresh, fruity and slightly savory. The pleasantness of Vermentino Toscano is expressed perfectly expressed in through its delicate, yet quality structure.