The Perfect Summer Wine

Summer is a time for swimming in the sea or having relaxing walks in the mountains or perhaps even a scenic tour along the wonderful Italian countryside. However you choose to spend your holidays, whether it be out and about or in the intimacy of your own home, you will always need a glass of wine to ensure a well-deserved relaxing summer day of relaxation. Here is some advice from Carpineto on how to make it even more enjoyable.

Scenario #1: a sunbed, an umbrella and a coastline that is lost in the horizon. Italy is known for its beautiful sea and good wine so why not combine the two? Relax with a sip of Dogajolo Bianco on the beach and watch the “golden hour” of sunset while you enjoy the freshness of this savory and satisfying wine. This wine is a “must” for any pre-dinner drink.

Scenario #2: a summer barbecue with friends. The moment of summer blissful light-heartedness is upon us, and can easily be accompanied by a glass of red wine. This is why we suggest our Dogajolo Rosso. It is a wine with nice acidity, great drinkability and good structure. So much so that it is the perfect travel companion for a barbecue with friends. And let’s not forget one of our great classics – the Chianti Classico. This is a wine of beautiful freshness and good structure, with hints of floral and red fruit – a panacea for the palate.

Scenario #3: a walk on a mountain path or among the rolling hills of the hinterland. This scenario makes for the perfect opportunity to discover some of our finest wines, such as the Nobile di Montepulciano Riserva or the Brunello di Montalcino, especially as it gets dark and the temperatures become milder. Have yourself a full immersion in Tuscan cuisine and tradition, with a glass of Carpineto to accompany you. We can proudly say that we are among the ambassadors of this territory. The Nobile and Brunello denominations need no introduction, known for their structure, body and elegance innate in the blend of origin. Sangiovese is the King of Tuscan grapes and should be a part of any summer Tuscan adventure.