Three wines for three soups

February slowly brings us ever closer to a welcome Spring awakening. But we cannot lose sight of the fact that we are still in the heart of winter, which means we are fully in time to enjoy the flavors and foods that the cold season gifts us. Hot and energizing dishes like soups are ideal meals for those days that are slightly less mild in weather. Italians are famous for their traditional soups but there are lovely Asian soups that can warm up any evening menu. Let’s have a go at both, without of course forgetting about… wine pairings to suit the two cultures.

Tuscan ribollita soup

How can we not start with one of the most symbolic dishes of Tuscany? Ribollita is a soup that comes from poor peasant tradition, using leftover ingredients as a way of not throwing anything away from the day before. The term ribollita means reboiled which is fitting for repurposing leftovers. This hearty soup consists of red cabbage and beans as main ingredients, along with stale bread. Other ingredients include savoy cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes and other winter vegetables. After hours of simmering, this soup is drizzled with a good dose of extra virgin olive oil.

This is definitely a recipe worth trying if you are interested in rediscovering the most authentic roots of Tuscany. It is a soup that can found on most family tables on cold winter days, and can be paired with a good Carpineto Chianti Classico Riserva thanks to its aromas of red fruit and spices, good body, great structure and beautiful freshness. Chianti Classico Riserva is a perfect winter companion wine for Tuscan ribollita.

Japanese Ramen Soups

As we all know, Japanese cuisine extends well beyond sushi. Not exactly comparable to Italian ribollita, this dish makes our list not only because of its wonderful warming effects in the winter but also because of just how traditional it is. Typically prepared with pork, eggs, vegetables and noodles, this is a soup that should be enjoyed with chopsticks and a spoon to collect all the intense flavors of a complex broth of pork and eggs. This is a dish whose every component is enhanced through skillful dosage of ingredients, perfect for warming up a cold winter evening.

What to pair with this Japanese dish? In recent years, Italian wines have been increasingly appreciated in Japan thanks to their versatility so our choice of wine is none other than a white with great persistence and structure – a Carpineto Farnito Chardonnay. This wine pairs wonderfully with pork, eggs and any spices and aromas you may want to add to the recipe.

Passatelli pasta in broth

According to Italian tradition this dish is both a soup and a first course due to the addition of pasta. The passatelli pasta in broth is therefore a must for our winter soups recommendations. Originating in Emilia-Romagna, this pasta has the shape of thick irregular short spaghetti made of eggs, flour, stale bread and nutmeg, typically served in meat broth. This is a dish that perfectly embodies how very simple and how very delicious Italian cuisine can be. What do you match these simple, yet complex flavors with? A glass of our Dogajolo Rosso. This is a wine of substance, medium body and very pleasant to drink, it pairs surprisingly well with the intense taste of meat broth.

This short journey of West and East traditional soups offers examples of the boundless food and wine pairings that are possible to warm up any winter. Every region has its traditional winter soups, and with every soups there is always a good glass of wine to pair.