To Every Mozzarella, A Wine

The word mozzarella evokes the idea of flavor and succulence. Here at Carpineto we know the pleasures of food, and are committed to enhancing them every day with the work we do.

This is exactly why we want to talk to you about this delicious dairy product, and in Italy one of the most famous versions of mozzarella undoubtedly comes from the region of Campania. This region is famous for its buffalo milk mozzarella.

Let’s discover the various wine pairings there are for mozzarella – but pay careful attention – this is not the easiest food to pair!

Buffalo Mozzarella from Campania

We must start with the queen of mozzarella – a DOP product, which is a unique denomination be given to a food of this sort. It is satisfying, succulent and a real delight, deriving exclusively from buffalo milk and produced in a very specific area that runs from Campania to lower Lazio.

The flavor of buffalo mozzarella is full and engaging. One bite and your palate is flooded with unique flavors, ranging from the sweet tendency typical of this dairy product to the marked flavor that only buffalo milk can truly give. It is precisely this “internal” balance that makes it difficult to imagine a wine that can balance such fullness of taste.

We recommend a unique pairing from our vineyards – a wine known for its strong and elegant acidity – the Farnito Brut. This structured and full-bodied sparkling wine has a persistent bouquet that it will accompany this food wonderfully.

Fiordilatte Mozzarella Cheese

The fiordilatte is a common fresh cheese mozzarella made from cow’s milk and is yet another great excellence of the Italian gastronomic table.

It is one of the most typical types of mozzarella cheese throughout the peninsula. Compared to buffalo mozzarella from Campania, it has a softer consistency and a flavor that tends slightly towards sweet, and slightly less savory. This taste profile lends itself well to a dry, fragrant, solid and structured white wine.

This is in essence the profile of our White Dogajolo. Its freshness, balance and elegance will satisfy most all fiordilatte pairings. One of the tastiest varieties of fiordilatte mozzarella is certainly that of Gioia del Colle in Apulia, yet another great pride of Italian gastronomy.