Wine and fresh fish: let’s celebrate International Sushi Day

The vocabulary of every language is updated year after year with new terms. Those entering common lexicon and sometimes even those appearing on our tables. This is so for sushi. Thirty years ago, few people would have understood what we are talking about. Today, just mention the name and it is immediately understood that we are about to sit down in front of small “rice balls” dressed with raw fish, often accompanied by seaweed, eggs and various kinds of aromas.

A dish imported from Japan, today widespread (and appreciated) almost all over the world. Here in Carpineto, as true lovers of the culinary traditions from around the globe, we could not avoid tackling this fascinating test: which of our wines could be paired with sushi? Above all in celebration of the International Sushi day on 18th June. Well: prepare your chopsticks and take a seat at our table while we propose a few glasses that you can pair your dish with.

Nigirizushi and Carpineto Dogajolo Bianco

Let’s begin with the king of sushi: the nigirizushi or nigiri sushi, also known as nigiri. It is basically a hand made rice ball with a slice of raw fish on top (often tuna or salmon) and generally served with wasabi or soya sauce. A triumph of intense flavours, ranging from the sapidity of the condiment to the fatty tendency of the fish. This is why we propose a wine that is versatile, yet, at the same time, capable of skilfully balancing the structure of the dish. The Carpineto Dogajolo Bianco is a blend of Chardonnay, Grechetto and Sauvignon Blanc, that expresses the organoleptic features of each individual vine to the best. And if it is true that the Sauvignon is a vine that goes well with sushi, here we also find the strength of the Grechetto and the elegance of the Chardonnay.

The result is a full-bodied, high-acid and velvety wine. Its persistence meets in a happy blend with the intensity of the sushi. It is no coincidence that this is the wine we generally propose with other recipes of Asian and oriental cuisine. A versatility and a pleasant drinkability that will also surprise you with Japanese cuisine.

Futomaki and Carpineto Farnito Brut

Futomaki is another of most highly appreciated sushi preparations and consists of a rice “ball” surrounded by nori: a leaf of dried seaweed that also encloses its filling. An intense and highly aromatic taste, precisely for the rich ingredients, it blends well with high-acid and full bodied wines, with a great persistence and fine taste and sensory perception. For this reason we propose one of our top sparkling wines: Carpineto Farnito Chardonnay. A highly elegant spumante, with an important structure and rich taste, fermented at low temperatures without any interruption. The complexity of the sensory bouquet, from spices to the bread crust aromas, provide an ideal journey companion for our futomaki, that will thus find a highly structured support in the glass. 

Sashimi and Carpineto Vermentino Valcolomba

Finally, a quick “impromptu”. Yes, because sashimi – although often served with sushi – is something else compared to it. While the latter contains rice and sometimes cooked fish, sashimi is rigorously made with raw fish. Basically, it is a fish or mollusc carpaccio – they have to be extremely fresh because they are served in the form of crudité – that can be made of salmon, tuna, scallop, octopus, mackerel, calamari, prawns and other sea creatures. As pairing, we recommend a high-acid wine, with a balanced structure and a pleasant sensory range: Carpineto Vermentino Valcolomba. A wine with a clear perception of fruit and flowers which corresponds to a pleasant sapidity. Perfect to balance with the sweet and fatty tendency of the raw fish. A small moment of pleasure to delight your palate.

So what are you waiting for: celebrate this International Sushi day with us, tasting our wines and delighting yourselves with the unrivalled pleasure of fresh fish.