Wines are wishes: three bottles for the night of San Lorenzo

Night of San Lorenzo, night of wishes. Nose and eyes pointing upwards: who hasn’t craned their neck to try to make out a falling star? The romantic soul of those who love beautiful things, wine lovers like us, leads us to make a wish for each comet we see shining in the heavens. And it matters very little whether the method works or not. What counts is enjoying the moment of fresh and light summer evening, if possible in the company of people dear to us.  So: considering that the holiday period is in full swing, we would like to suggest a few good bottles to liven up this magical night. Whether you are at the sea, in the mountains or … in the city.

Night of San Lorenzo at the sea: Carpineto Vermentino Valcolomba

There is little doubt about it: the sea in summer is always one of the most fascinating destinations. Have we reinvented the wheel? So, let’s drink to it. Ideally with a lovely fresh wine.

For a night of San Lorenzo spent on the beach, lying on the sand looking up at the celestial vault, there is nothing better than a beautifully fresh, well balanced and pleasantly drinkable white wine. Carpineto Vermentino Valcolomba was created not far from the coast of the Maremma, in our Gavorrano estate. It is one of the wildest and most fascinating areas in the whole of Tuscany, capable of winning us over with its natural beauty alongside the tranquil serenity of the villages. Set in the Mediterranean Maquis, amongst the vines and olive trees, a sip of Vermentino Valcolomba will make a moment like the night of San Lorenzo an even more pleasant moment.

In the mountains: Carpineto Farnito Cabernet Sauvignon

Mountain lovers adore dipping into landscapes from a bygone age. Amongst deep valleys and clear sky blue lakes. That same sky that we will look at incessantly when seeking our own personal shooting star. Ideally in total relax, sitting on a patio, after an intense day of mountain excursions. And what’s better than a great wine to keep us company?

We propose a glass that rhymes with structure and elegance in our opinion: Carpineto Farnito Cabernet Sauvignon in single variety. The elegance that this wine expresses is worthy of the best tradition of the Super Tuscan wines, presenting a surprising taste and smell, a perfect balance of acidity and sapidity and an intense bouquet of red fruit, cherry, raspberry, spices, vanilla, cocoa. An enormous amount of recognition for a wine that lends itself to a long period of ageing, in the name of its great longevity. What better glass, therefore, for toasting future wishes during the night of San Lorenzo?

Night of San Lorenzo in the city: Carpineto Nobile di Montepulciano Riserva

Of course staying in town in August isn’t a mortal sin. On the contrary: some prefer to stay there in August because cities are more peaceful in this month. And then let us not forget: if you think about the beauty of the great Italian cities, considering  monuments, parks and museums (to mention but a few) there is never any risk of not finding anything to do.

For those spending the night of San Lorenzo in town, maybe on a terrace, on a balcony, in a park or at your favourite restaurant, sitting outside, we recommend a great classic: Carpineto Nobile di Montepulciano Riserva. The elegance of a denomination that we express in all its character here in Carpineto. A wine of great structure and great body, it expresses all the character of the Sangiovese grape (Prugnolo Gentile variety) it comes from. Paired with a tasty summer garden grill or with the great dishes of the Tuscan tradition. The perfect way to spend a pleasant night of San Lorenzo in the city.