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Farnito Acquavite d’uva Sauvignon


100% Sauvignon bianco.

Distillation method

Steam distilled in a discontinuous alembic with the boiler having a soaking method under vacuum. The steel and copper construction of the still protect the distillate from off odors while the vacuum technology allows the full capture of all the typical fruity, fresh aromas of the Sauvignon Blanc grape varietal.


This distillate has had a long aging process in steel tanks to allow for the full integration of the flavors.


Crystal clear and transparent.


Clean, fresh and flowery with delicate fruity tones.


Soft and elegant. The smooth, persistent finish displays in the nose hints of honey and rose petals.


40%, 80 Proof

Serving Temperature

9-11°C, 48-52°F.

Serving glass

Long-stemmed tulip-shaped crystal ware.


Delicious as an accompaniment to a variety of dishes, from the more typical almond based pastries to smoked cold cuts. Excellent also as an accompaniment to end of meal conversations.

History of Farnito