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Farnito Chardonnay I.G.T.


Chardonnay picked between the end of August and the beginning of September.


Low temperature maceration on the skins and a slow and careful fermentation of the must started by selected yeasts.


We are careful to maintain in suspension the yeasts and all of the solids formed during fermentation by regular agitation of the must. In the winter, the wine is racked off and placed into barrels where it then ages briefly before bottling. Before release the wine is then bottle aged in our temperature-controlled cellars at 13°C (55°F)


Straw yellow with tawny reflections.


Harmonious and consistent with notes of tropical fruit and spices, with hints of citrus and vanilla.


Dry, soft, savory, and harmonious.


13% by vol.

Serving temperature

10-15°C, 50-59°F.


The rare versatility of this wine allows it to be served as an aperitif, as well as during and after meals.

The story of our Farnito!
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