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Farnito Chardonnay Vino Spumante di Qualità



Sparkling process

We select the choice yeasts used in the processing of this sparkling wine. The wine is made sparkling using a pied de cuvee that undergoes rigorous and continuous enzyme testing. Fermentation takes place over several months at very low temperatures.


The aromatic properties of the yeasts are maximized by regularly agitating the tank for a period exceeding eight months to keep them in suspension, thus adding their elegant bouquet to the wine.


Upon pouring into the flute a generous, quickly dissipating foam is formed, leaving a halo around the edge of the glass fed by a fine and uniform perlage. 


Light straw-colored.


Refined, diverse fragrances, vaguely spicy, delicate and complex bouquet.


Rich, full-bodied, dry, and round with flavors of spices and fruits.

Serving temperature

Cool but not cold, 10-14°C, 50-57°F.


A sparkling wine for elaborate dishes, whether based on fish, white meat, or cream sauces, ideal for first courses, and with cheeses in general, especially good with parmesan cheese. It is not a dessert wine but makes a nice end to a meal.

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